Open Your Trunk Before Arriving
Following up on a previous tip about not leaving anything of value out in the open in your car (or rental car), here’s another reminder: Don’t park your car in a touristy place or a parking lot and then put all your valuables in the trunk. Do it before reaching your destination so you don’t draw the attention of potential thieves at the place you’ll be leaving your car.

You might not think it, but this lesson is often learned the hard way in Hawaii. I’ve heard too many stories about tourists rolling up to go hiking or swimming at a popular spot and putting all of their luggage in the trunk (or opening it to get something out of it). When they return, it’s all gone. Don’t make this mistake, in Hawaii or anywhere else!

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2 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Open Your Trunk Before Arriving"
  1. Linda|

    Sadly it is also true regarding the glove box. Thieves must be watching with binoculars because I leaned over to put my wallet in the glove box, locked the car and came back from the beach a half an hour later and the door lock was broken into and the glove box emptied. Now I take my stuff with me to the beach in a colorful backpack that I can keep an eye on from the water and have never had a problem.

  2. tish|

    yes…this happened to my daughter and me in Vancouver….we lost everything! And the police didn’t want to know us! The thief was knocking off a big SUV when we pulled in and we didn’t even notice. But looking back and remembering the scene that is exactly what was happening! Just a hard lesson learned….Don’t even leave anything in the trunk or car…the end! Hard not to do sometimes but I never will ever again!

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