TicketDon’t Photograph Your Ticket and Share It on Social Media
I see a lot of my friends making the mistake of taking pics of their tickets and then posting them on Twitter and other social networks (see the photo above, my own from years ago, as an example). The reason it’s a mistake is actually two-fold: First, it shows that you aren’t going to be home (we covered this once before), and second, I know a person who did this and some evil follower of theirs used the person’s name and ticket number to cancel their return ticket! The second case is unlikely, of course, but why not avoid all risk by keeping your details off the internet?



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4 Comments On "Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Photograph Your Ticket and Share It on Social Media"
  1. tish|

    Very good advice….a young person I know had his house broken into while away because he shared his travel arrangements on Facebook. So it is dangerous and can lead to unhappy results….the ticket pic on social media ….why would you have to do that? Nope just keep info to yourself.

  2. Sarah Romero|

    Common sense. But you know what they say about common sense not being too common. Great tip and timely! My family and I decided to take an out-of-country trip in 2016 – my first trip out of country in 10 years! In my excitement, my first thought was, “I’m going to Instagram my ticket when it comes in to show all my friends and family!” Then, about a millisecond later, I vetoed that idea. Definitely don’t want that kind of info out there. I can call my friends to let them know. :o)

  3. Tuty Taxii|


  4. Gustavo Bessone|

    I live on my suitcase, i don’t have a fixed home, so the problem with people knowing i am out of home doesn’t apply. Also, i ussually post a boarding pass if i am about to board, it is extremely unlikely that they are going to cancel my flight. I think i will keep posting.

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