BelkinIf you’ve ever read any of my posts on products I never leave home without (like this most recent one), you know I almost always travel with a Belkin Mini Surge Protector. I brought it with me whenever I traveled overseas or went on a cruise, and anytime my room or cabin didn’t have multiple outlets. Belkin’s three-outlet surge protector and built-in two-port USB charger have made powering up and/or charging my laptop/phone/camera easy, all at once.

Well, the good folks at Belkin just sent me their latest product, which is replacing the one above—at least in my bag. That’s because the Belkin Travel Rockstar Surge Protector is a handy 3-in-1 mobile USB charging solution that offers two AC outlets, one USB-port at 2A and a built-in mobile battery back for charging while traveling.

What I love about it is that it combines three travel necessities into one: surge protector, dual-outlet wall charger and mobile battery pack! I also love that it comes with a built-in 3000 mAh battery to give users the power to charge USB devices such as tablets or smartphones without even being plugged in. And it’s always comforting to have a built-in surge protector to provide a safe way to charge when plugged into a power source (especially an unfamiliar one).

It’s a tad bit bulkier than the Mini Surge Protector, but it’s still very travel-friendly and it can be plugged into any AC outlet to charge up to three devices at once, or unplugged so the battery pack can be used to charge a mobile device via the USB port on the go.

The Belkin Travel Rockstar Surge Protector is available now at, and select retail locations for $59.99.

8 Comments On "Travel Product of the Week: Belkin Travel Rockstar Surge Protector"
  1. Jeff|

    Is this a duel voltage device? Belkin couldn’t tell me. Thanks

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good question! I’ve used their other device all over the world and hadn’t had any problems. Will be using this one on a RTW trip in a few weeks.

      1. BillB|

        Just wondering if you have used this device on 220volt electrical outlets?

        1. Johnny Jet|

          I’ve used it all over and never had a problem but that doesn’t mean you won’t. I would double-check with the manufacturer

  2. k4kafka|

    Just got mine. But, the battery does not charge my iPod, which is a real disappointment.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      That is a disappointment. Was the Belkin fully charged?

      1. Anonymous|

        Yes, it was fully charged. A Belkin support rep told me the device is incompatible with the iPod.

        1. Johnny Jet|

          That’s good to know. Thanks for sharing

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