I can’t wait for Daylight Savings to start – brighter evenings make the days feel longer and I feel like I can get more accomplished in a day. But that’s not the only reason to look forward to Daylight Savings.

If turning the clocks gives you a bit of insomnia, you can put that restless hour to good use by logging on to Travelocity’s Twitter account. Travelocity is hosting an Early Bird giveaway, timed to coincide with that lost hour on March 14 when we spring our clocks forward. At 1:59am CT, when clocks jump ahead to 3am CT, Travelocity will start a one-hour, early bird flash sale. How does it work? According to Travelocity, “the first 25 people to reply to Travelocity’s Tweet and creatively answer the travel prompt will claim a $1,000 vacation package voucher to book their upcoming family travel and vacations.”

As vaccine distribution continues across the country, more and more people are starting to plan spring and summer travel so why not get a bit of help offsetting the cost of a family vacation?

Good luck!

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