LoungeBuddyLoungeBuddy tells you everything you need to know about all the lounges in a particular airport—from locating the lounge in the airport to detailing operating hours, descriptions, amenities and more.

One of the coolest parts of LoungeBuddy is that it reacts to you. You tell it where you’re going, the class of service you’re flying, and any existing memberships you may have (such as credit cards, elite status, and lounge memberships) and LoungeBuddy will display which lounges you may access at no cost, which lounges you may access for a fee, the number of guests you may bring, and more. LoungeBuddy is available for iPhone, Android and Amazon Appstore-compatible devices.


5 Comments On "Travel App of the Week: LoungeBuddy"
  1. JanetS|

    Only for iPhone, apparently.

  2. LoungeBuddy Team|

    As a JohnnyJet reader, we have allocated 100 invites. To get your invite and download LoungeBuddy for free, go to: http://www.loungebuddy.com/johnnyjet

  3. Blake Nelson|

    Why cant we get this for Android

    1. Brent|

      Blake, presently we’re working on perfecting the experience on iOS devices, once we get that right we plan to quickly follow with an Android app :)

  4. Darrell|

    Thanks … this is pretty cool. I am sure I will use it as I have many upcoming trips and not every airport has a Delta Sky Club !

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