This app helps women travelers connect with other female travelers

Earlier this month, we wrote about a HuffPost story full of travel tips for solo travelers. One of the tips, from Alice Teacake of Teacake Travels, was for solo women travelers looking to meet other female travelers. Here’s what she said in the story:

Use an app like Tourlina to connect with other female travelers
“Looking for awesome women to hang out with if you’re a solo female traveler? Tourlina is just like Tinder, but only for making friends who are local or traveling too! You can see if you have similar interests, match, then take it from there.”

Obviously, I haven’t used the Tourlina travel app because it’s for women only. But it’s a great concept, at least, as I know many women prefer traveling with a female travel partner. And one of the great things about travel is that it opens doors to meeting people. The app claims it’s not a dating site and that its focus is on helping women travelers connect with other female travelers and locals in almost every country in the world. From Albania to Zimbabwe!

Here’s how the Tourlina app works, straight from the website:

  • Enter a trip by country and time
  • Discover matching travel companions with mutual interests, destination and travel time
  • Select a travel companion simply by easily swiping left or right
  • Chat and plan your trip together once you and your travel companions are matching
  • Find locals and other travelers in your area … chat and meet with them!

The big negative from what I can see in the user reviews is that you have to have a Facebook account to create a profile. Also, English is definitely not the first (or second) language of whoever wrote the website. But it looks like it’s worth trying.

Tourlina is available for free for iOS and Android.

Have you tried Tourlina?

Have you used Tourlina to connect with other female travelers? Share your experience in the comments below!

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