SeatLink: an alternative to SeatGuruIf you ask any frequent flyer what their top five travel websites are, there’s no doubt SeatGuru will be on the list. It’s a site that gives advice on which plane seats people should try to get or avoid (and more).

However, since TripAdvisor bought them, they’ve kind of fallen off. Not all of their seat maps are accurate or updated. Shocking I know. But for example, I just flew on an American Airlines 777-200 and SeatGuru almost cost me a valuable systemwide upgrade because they hadn’t updated their seat map to include American’s new Premium Economy Seats—and it’s been over a year since AA introduced those.

The experience made me realize that you can’t always trust SeatGuru, so I started looking for alternatives. One I found is SeatLink, which is still in beta. Although they too haven’t updated American’s 777-200, I kind of like their layout better.

SeatLink is better if you don’t know your aircraft types, since you can just list your city pairs, airline and dates and it will bring up the flights and equipment for that day. You can also search by flight number (SeatGuru does this too but SeatLink’s is sleeker). It will be interesting to see if these guys can do a better job than SeatGuru in the long run, but they aren’t there yet. For now it’s at least worth cross-referencing them to see which plane or row has the most legroom, recline, seat width, pitch, or power ports. SeatLink also lists in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi and allows users to rate individual seats and upload photos.

Bottom line: The best map to trust for the seat configuration is the airline’s own seat map. But for added precision, you can check these two review sites to see if they match up. If they do, you can then see which seats/rows are the best.


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  1. Steven Poulos|

    Beta indeed, Johnny, though I like the concept of the site.
    Tried to look at it just now using a flight I’m booked on a month from
    now (jetBlue). SeatLink claims the flight doesn’t exist. Made me nervous.
    I went back (quickly) to jetBlue’s site and…it’s there.
    Always some kinks.
    Plz let us know when you think this is in dependable mode.


    1. SeatLink|

      Steven, if you’re still out there, can you let me know what city pairs you were searching? One quirk of the flight search is it currently only works for nonstop flights, so if you have a multi-stop itinerary or are on a direct flight (like SQ12 from SIN to LAX, which stops in NRT), it will most likely error out. We are working on a solution for this, and should have this bug fixed by the end of the month, though…

  2. SeatLink|

    Kinda late to the game, but I’m the founder of SeatLink – thanks for the write-up! Definitely still in beta as we are researching all of the seat maps (no small feat – seat maps are harder to find than they should be!), but we should be done, soon.

  3. Carlos Orlandi|

    SeatGuru also works based on city pairs, if you don’t know your flight’s number.

  4. M|

    Seatlink sucks. Doesn’t work. Tried several flights and city pairs and the result was:

    Hrmmmm, we didn’t quite catch that…
    Looks like we couldn’t find any results for your search :( Either you entered an incorrect flight number or invalid city pair, so be sure to enter valid information and use the autocomplete dropdowns when they pop up.

    Even tried SFO to CDG and got the same error. Tried multiple browsers. Seatlink is a waste of time.

  5. Mal McKenzie|

    Useless application. I put in my flight number, dates etc but it responds with random reviews from all flights and aircraft from that carrier.

  6. Mal McKenzie|

    Additionally, no seat maps!!!

  7. rob|

    It is stunning that an alleged world traveler suggests SeatLink as a better alternative to SeatGuru. SeatLink is a broken app, riddled with ads, no seat maps loaded whatsoever. And yes, SeatGuru can find your flight if you don’t know the number, not to mention thousands of seat maps and reviews. Beta, LOL.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Times have changed. I wrote that post in 2012 and they both changed significantly

  8. Norman|

    SeatGuru is dead or is dying and their information is getting out of date. Perhaps you can buy them from Trip Advisor. I got this response to a query to update the site:

    RE: Seatguru – Aircraft – New Aircraft Request – Air Canada [ ref:_00DA0I0Rf._5005d1aH84X:ref ]

    From: TripAdvisor Support (
    To: me
    Date: Thursday, July 22, 2021, 9:17 PM EDT

    Thank you for your interest in SeatGuru. Currently we are not making additional updates to our content on the site and are unable to provide other support. SeatGuru

    Another good site destroyed by TripAdvisor

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