You might think I’d be foolish to feature a competitor’s site as a place to find flight deals, but that’s not my philosophy. I always give credit when it’s due, and Scott’s Cheap Flights deserves a ton of credit. It’s one of the best tools for finding cheap flights anywhere.

A few years ago, founder Scott (Scott Keyes) seemingly came out of nowhere. He started sending out email alerts with cheap flights to his family and friends in 2013, and then in 2015 he opened his emails up to the public. Now, Scott has two (2!) million members! Scott’s Cheap Flights offers two newsletters: one that’s free and then a premium newsletter for members ($49/year). At first, I didn’t think that the premium newsletter was worth the money, but I have seen the light. It’s worth it. In fact, Scott could charge twice as much and it’d still be worth it, as he and his team of 30 really do find the best flight deals around.

The subject lines of Scott’s premium emails are usually packed to give members enough info to know if they want to open the email or not (of course it’s not a big deal to just open and read them). The deals in each email usually link to Google Flights, where Scott says he spends 8-12 hours a day. Here are a few sample deals, all of which Scott shared this past week:

  • *biz class, nonstop* Mexico City — $300s/$400s (RT, no bag fees) Jan – May
  • China — $300s/low-$400s (RT, no bag fees) Jan – May
  • *nonstop* New York to Milan — $409 (RT, no bag fees) Jan – Mar
  • ? Cardiff / Bristol — $400s (RT, bags extra) Jan – May / Aug – Oct
  • ? Kuala Lumpur — $500s/$600s (RT, no bag fees) Jan – May / Aug – Oct
  • ? Trinidad — $200s/$300s (RT) Jan – Apr / Sep – Oct
  • ? Belize — $200s/$300s (RT) Jan – Apr / Sep – Oct
  • ?️ *nonstop* London — $300s (RT, bags extra) Jan – May / Aug – Oct
  • ? Europe — $400s (RT) Jan – Mar
  • ? *nonstop* SFO / LAX to Tahiti — $600s (RT, no bag fees) Dec – May
  • ☘️ Dublin — $400s (RT, bags extra) Jan – Mar

More help finding flight deals

Scott’s Cheap Flights newsletters (free and especially the premium flight deals newsletter) are among the many tools and tricks you can use to find flight deals. In this post, I spell out 17 of them.


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  1. Ram|

    Because of health issues, I need to fly Business Class on many international routes that take more than 6 hours or so. Is there a site or travel agencies that specialize in this area?

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