Make sure you price out rental cars at off-airport locations

Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Ed K., who shares the below tip and screenshot below:

“We have friends coming in from Turkey and they need to rent a car for 10 days. Look at the difference in Enterprise prices if they rent at LAX vs Manhattan/Hermosa Beach. Plus they save a day’s rental and about an hour at the airport counter if they take a cab to our house (they are staying here anyway) and rent the car locally the next day.”

It’s usually the case that you can find cheaper rental cars at locations away from the airport, so make sure you do your research before booking. And keep in mind that many hotels charge a ridiculous amount of money for overnight parking, so waiting a day is another way to save.

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3 Comments On "Make Sure You Price Out Rental Cars at Off-Airport Locations"
  1. Bettina Salter|

    Love the tip on renting cars away from the airport and we have done it for years. Only problem is: pay attention to hours (they may not be convenient) and especially closed days (Sundays most frequently)

  2. Ray Chartrand|

    There’s more to the overall car rental than just the price of the rental
    Twice at SFO, I got suckered into lower prices at off site rental locations. The problem is they were miles from the airport with sporadic shuttle service necessitating an Uber ride. Upon arrival the car wasn’t ready in one instance and was filthy the next time. A rental return at one locale was sketchy enough that Uber wouldn’t pick me up unless I walked several blocks to a major intersection. I got to see a good cross section of humanity during the walk.
    All this added the better part of 2 hours picking up and dropping off so unless you have all the time in the world, time is also money!

  3. Fred Cars|

    Thanks for the tips! Your site often helped me in my travels.

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