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Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Christine, who left a slew of Egypt tips in a comment below Ian Livingston’s guide to travel in Egypt:

“Going to Egypt was a dream come true. I still can’t believe I climbed inside the Great Pyramid (a must-do) and went into the tomb of King Tut (no pictures). Some advice: Take a lot of $1 bills or have small EGP as you have to pay to pee everywhere except your hotel room!! Take a scarf. You may not need it to wear it on your head, but it will be great around your neck (we went in March) to protect from the chill and the sun. Make sure you go to a reputable papyrus shop with a guide. In the markets or shops be prepared to deal, and stick with your first offer (about 50% of what the price is).

“DO NOT wear shorts and camisoles (very tacky). Be respectful to the residents. When you are approached to buy something on the street or in the markets, be firm with your ‘no thank you’ and keep walking. Ladies, if you want to wear a dress, make sure it is full-length with sleeves or a shawl. Take a cruise down the Nile as well. Try to get to the Nubian village. Egypt will be the trip of a lifetime as everything is so fascinating”

Thanks, Christine!

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1 Comment On "Use This Reader's Travel Tips to Replicate Her "Trip of a Lifetime""
  1. Stephanie Williams|

    My family and I are planning for a vacation in this place. No idea about the culture the do’s and dont’s. Good thing I was able to read your post. Than you so much for the tips. And yes being respectful wherever you go is something that needs to be put in mind.

    Stephanie Williams

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