Can you cruise if you're pregnant?

My wife, my son and I were thinking about going on a European cruise this spring on Celebrity Edge (which I wrote about here). But when I brought up the idea to Stewart Chiron (@CruiseGuy), he made a point to note that my wife wouldn’t be able to sail if she were 24 weeks pregnant or more. That was news to me, and after doing some research, it turns out that he was absolutely right.

Of course, we would’ve consulted Natalie’s doctors before moving forward with the plan, but who’s to say that all doctors know the rules of cruising? If we had booked the cruise, we could’ve found ourselves up the creek without a paddle. The moral of the tip: If you’re pregnant, don’t make cruise plans unless you know it’s safe—and possible by rule—for you to board. And no matter what kind of trip you’re going on, don’t forget to buy travel insurance (full disclosure: I’m one of Allianz’s brand ambassadors).

Here are some good resources on the subject of pregnancy and cruising:



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