I’m in Toronto for Christmas and while watching one of the news channels (I think CNN), my brother-in-law and I were shocked to see a commercial for Korea Tourism encouraging travelers to visit. The commercial depicts North Korea as “a symbol of peace.” I doubt the commercial is airing in the U.S. but who knows. Interesting strategy, eh? I would like to visit North Korea one day but not sure it will be anytime soon. How about you?

Here’s the only link to the commercial I can find: Korea Tourism Organization TV Commercial, ‘DMZ: A Symbol of Peace’


5 Comments On "North Korea is Airing a Tourism Commercial in Canada"
  1. Uhmmm...|


  2. Joe|

    That is a South Korea tourism commercial. Each shot is from the south. They are promoting DMZ tours and things that go with the DMZ. There are lots of tourists that take a DMZ tour each day. I do agree that saying the DMZ is a symbol of peace is a bit weird but there is significant progress being made to demilitarize the border.

  3. Lena|

    I find it interesting that North Korea would spend money on something like this. I would love to visit the country someday, I guess I just want to see it for myself after reading so much about it.

  4. Ryan|

    This isn’t from the North. A cursory search would show that. Please update the clickbait title…

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Wasn’t meant to be clickbait. Will speak to my editor on changing it.

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