If you are following me on Facebook or Twitter, then you know I had a ridiculous period of travel. Between September 18 and October 21 alone, I flew 46,185 miles! Now that’s just insane. Thankfully, I’m taking a break and catching up on my work. If you’ve missed any of my adventures, you can check out the following: My wedding in Toronto (did you know my dad missed it?!); Toronto to Seoul on Korean Air; Seoul, KoreaSeoul to BaliBali Honeymoon and Los Angeles to Sydney on Virgin Australia. I’ll be telling you all about my travels through Australia and sharing photos and videos soon so stay tuned!

What’s the most amount of miles you’ve ever flown in a month?

*I made up the code ‘WWL’ as it was a SMALL plane going to Wildman’s Wilderness Lodge outside of Darwin, Australia and we landed on a grass field next to it.


2012 Miles Flown: Miles Flown: 164,349
Segments: 82
Carriers: 28 (Southwest, Delta, American, Caribbean Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Horizon, Skywest, United, Hawaiian, US Airways, Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, Jet Konnect, Air India, American Eagle, Delta Connection, United Express, Air France, Porter, Air Canada, CommutAir, British Airways, WestJet, Korean Air, Virgin Australia, Direct Air, Qantas, REX)
Countries: 19 (USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Qatar, India, Maldives, France, England, Italy, Montenegro, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Korea, Indonesia, Australia)

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2 Comments On "My October 2012 in Airport Codes"
  1. wgchinnWilliam Chinn|

    OK, world traveler here’s my question: What is the best airplane single meal you have ever had? For me it was a dinner from LAX to NRT on Singapore Airlines economy. 2nd was a Singapore Airline 1st class leftover duck lunch LAX also to NRT economy..

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good question! I’ve had tons of great meals but one that I miss the most is Continental’s free cheeseburgers!

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