2013 is already flying by as I had a busy January in the sky.  Highlights were attending the People’s Choice Awards and a G’Day Australi’s Black Tie Gala in Los Angeles. Then I flew to JFK to speak at the New York Times Travel Show before flying up to Canada to checkout the new Four Seasons Toronto. After that I flew to Florida to review the Marco Island Marriott and spend time with my dad who had a really rough January. I ended the month in Las Vegas which is where I snapped this photo. How about you? Did you have a busy January? Please share your airport codes below.

2013 Miles Flown:  11,972
Segments: 10
Carriers: 4 (American, American Eagle, Air Canada, Delta)
Countries: 2 (USA, Canada)
States: 7 (FL,TX,CA, NY, MI,NV,GA)


17 Comments On "My January 2013 in Airport Codes"
  1. Todd Bliwise|

    Okay so here is mine! I just crossed 1,000,000 miles last year and Im not stopping! From January 10th-February 25th: ATL-SAN-ATL-MCO-JFK-LAX-OGG-LAX-ATL-GRU-EZE-GRU-ATL-LAX-OGG now OGG-LAX-NRT-BKK-VTE-BKK-HKG-BOM-CMB-SIN-DXB-MXP-LHR-BEG-LHR-LAX-ATL-MKE-ATL-JAX-ATL

  2. Kathy|

    Todd, are you a flight attendant? Wow! Here is mine: MEL-SYD. That’s it. Lol….

    1. Todd Bliwise|

      Nope! Just a an absolute love for travel, flying, and blogging, Had a goal when I was 15 to fly 1,000,000 and visit 50 countries by 25 and I did it! Now I guess there is no stopping. Other goal is try every airlines First Class, so far I am 65% or so done!

      1. Irie Girl Travels|

        This is so rude of me to ask, but how did you afford such a fete by the age of 25? I, too love to travel, but that alone won’t get me around the World!!

        1. Johnny Jet|

          Not sure what you are asking. How did I afford it?

          1. Todd|

            Johny-Believe she was asking me (see the post above about how I got to 50 countries by 25).

            It wasn’t so much about the Money as it was about the dedication, time and learning every possible manipulation/trick/use of points and frequent flyer miles. Writing this from the lounge in Hong Kong as we speak-about to board Cathay Pacific First to Mumbai! Also started my own company that allowed/required a multitude of travel. I have a personal blog at (<– hope Johnny does not mind I post that).

          2. Johnny Jet|

            Ah! I was wondering. I don’t mind

        2. This American Girl|

          Hey Irie Girl, if you are interested on more funding travel advice I wrote a post about it on my blog: I’ve been traveling for the last year and have met a lot of people, also in their 20s, who travel all over the world.

          1. iriegirltravels|

            Awesome, thank you. I’ll definitely check it out!!

  3. Irie Girl Travels|

    Hi Johnny,
    Received this email and wanted your opinion on whether it’s a good deal or not. 50000 points plus 25000 bonus points sells for $1750.

    Get a 50% bonus when you buy or gift miles*
    Buying miles is the easy way to get award travel, and gifting miles lets you help friends and family members reach their award travel goals quickly. You’ll get a 50% bonus – up to 50,000 bonus miles – when you buy or gift miles through February 28, 2013.
    Buy 10,000 miles → Get 15,000 miles
    Buy 25,000 miles → Get 37,500 miles
    Buy 50,000 miles → Get 75,000 miles
    Buy 100,000 miles → Get 150,000 miles*

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Which airline is this for? I have never paid for miles but I would if I needed to top off my account. This seems like a good deal.

      1. Irie Girl Travels|

        I received the offer from both US Airways and AA. The difference is that AA max bonus is 30000 miles, while US Airways is 50000.

        1. Johnny Jet|

          Those two airlines are about to be one so go with the bette deal.

          1. iriegirltravels|

            Your weekly Travel News, had an article about when it makes sense to buy miles and they used the current promo offered by AA… thank you!!!

    2. Todd|

      That is definitely for Delta miles-I would say absolutely not. It is hard enough to find award availbility for what you want unless you reallly know how to work it (even then its often Futile). I would only do it if you had an award itinerary on hold already that you knew would work. Delta miles are called “SkyPesos” for a reason!

      1. iriegirltravels|

        Thank you, Todd. I have checked out your Blog, thanks for your responses and suggestions!!

  4. Rona Zevin|

    SEA, ATL, FLL, LGA, JFK, SEA and coming up: SEA, JFK, CDG, DEL, and back.

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