My experience calling 5 different airlines for refunds
My experience calling 5 different airlines for refunds

I spent hours—literally hours—planning five flights for spring travel. The first one was for a dream trip to Hawaii with my family, then I had a flight to New York and I booked my dad a flight from Florida to New York. It was a good experience—not exactly good in a fun way but more of an educational way, which is why I took notes and thought I would share them with you. Here’s my experience calling five different airlines for refunds:


Hawaiian Airlines

We were flying Hawaiian Airlines from LAX to Honolulu because they fly a wide-body plane (A330), which I prefer over American’s narrow-body A321. I secured row 11, which is a premium economy seat in a section with just 1.5 rows. The reason I put 1.5 is because there’s only one row of two window seats on both sides but the middle has two rows of 4 seats across. We had the two seats on the window and I was across the aisle in the bulkhead. Hawaiian emailed me to tell me the flight canceled and I filled out a form online and I’m waiting for my full refund. If it goes through, which it should, it was pretty painless.

UPDATE: On Saturday, May 9 at 9:35pm, I finally got around to calling Hawaiian Airlines to tell them that they’d only refunded me for the tickets and not the $240 in extra legroom seats. The automated system said hold time would be over an hour but I could text so I chose that option and it worked great. The agent issued the refund and then sent me a text survey after which I gave high remarks. Although, I’m not sure why Hawaiian didn’t refund the seats in the first place? I purchased them at the same time and when I asked for a refund originally via their website, I referenced them. I wonder if airlines just try to make you jump through hoops so you finally give up.

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American Airlines

American Airlines (AA) emailed to inform me that our Maui-LAX flight was canceled for April 15th. I booked with AA because I have elite status and the flight from Hawaii to L.A. is an hour shorter so it’s doable on the A321. And since I’m Executive Platinum, I get Main Cabin Extra (5″ more legroom) seats and luggage for free. I called AA’s Executive Platinum desk on Thursday at 8:25am on April 2. No hold time. The call took two minutes and the agent canceled and gave a full refund with no questions asked.

Update: I called again a couple of days ago (Wednesday, April 8 at 5:40pmPT) to cancel another reservation after I received an email from them stating my Toronto to New Orleans (via Charlotte) flight for May 6 was changed by several hours. I called their Exec Plat line and had no wait and the agent refunded it in full with no questions asked. Easy as can be. Total call time: 5 minutes and that’s only because we made small talk about what’s going in the world. American Airlines (AA) so far is really shining and I’ve been hearing the same from other AA passengers. Kudos to them.


Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines (SWA). I called at 820pm PT and the hold time was nine minutes. When they said they could do a callback, the wait time changed it to 11 minutes. They called back in about that time.

Backstory: I booked us Honolulu-to-Maui tickets since they were cheaper than with Hawaiian, it’s a brand-new route for Southwest, they offer two free checked bags, and they fly a 737, which is bigger than Hawaiian’s 717s. Yesterday, they sent me a text letting me know that they had canceled our flight but an hour later they sent me an email trying to upsell me to book a car rental for our flight. WTH?

I called the 800-number but the agent couldn’t find my confirmation number because I was giving her a JetBlue one! That was the next airline I needed to call. We figured it out when I asked if she was working from home because I thought many JetBlue agents do. She said, “This is SWA!” Doh!

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Once I gave her the right confirmation code, she offered to rebook us or give us a travel credit good for a year. I asked for the refund and she said no problem. She said the refund could take up to 30 days to go through. Then she said they won’t be able to refund me because my credit card expired, which it had, but that’s ridiculous. I told her that my new card had the same number, just a different expiration date. She said she was sorry but that she could only issue a travel credit good until 2021. I politely held firm. She put me on hold and then came back when it went through. The total call time was 20 minutes.


I called JetBlue at 8:55pm on Friday, April 3, 2020. The hold time was 25+ minutes. They didn’t give me the option to text them like the last time I had called. The hold took 35 minutes for them to answer and the agent sounded tired. I was told that even though my 91-year-old father’s PBI-LGA flight had been changed to PBI-BOS-LGA, they could only give me a credit good for 18 months in either my name or my dad’s name. I kindly told her about the DOT rule (read about that here) and she said she was well aware of it but that this is JetBlue’s stance. Even though the flight was only $63.40 (I bought it when it went on sale), I asked to speak to a supervisor because they’re flagrantly breaking the law. She quickly put me on hold, which took about seven minutes. The agent was nice and working from home. I asked why I had to escalate this to a supervisor to get a refund and was told that basically, the agent didn’t know the directive had changed yesterday from management. Ridiculous. He agreed to refund it. It will take 7-10 days to go through. Total call time: 51 minutes.


Air Canada

My last call of the night was Air Canada (AC) at 9:48pm on Friday, April 3, 2020 for our Toronto to New York flight in May. (FYI: You need to press 1 for “English,” 2 for “Reservations,” then 4 for “Other.”) It took three minutes just to go through their repatriation flight info (there was no way to bypass it) and then I was informed that the wait time would be 20-25 minutes. The actual hold time was 15 minutes. I spoke to a nice agent at an overseas call center (sounded like India but I didn’t ask for some reason). He said that Air Canada’s policy is not to give a refund even if the flight cancels. I told him about the DOT rule but he didn’t care. This Air Canada flight falls under the DOT’s rules, which apply to flights flying to, from or within the United States, regardless of airline. I didn’t put up a stink since I was tired and my flight wasn’t canceled. It was just changed by three hours, and they offered a 24-month credit, which was generous. I’ll wait to see what happens. Total call time: 18 minutes.

Update: Air Canada sent me an email yesterday stating they changed my flight again so I reached out to them in a direct message via Twitter. They replied within 10 minutes then they went silent. See below:

Johnny Jet (April 9, 2020; 3:52pmPT)
Hi. I called and spoke to your Int’l call center last week. The rep said they could only offer a credit but according to the DOT you’re supposed to offer a full refund when you cancel or significantly delay the flight. Our flight was canceled and they put us on a new one but we just want to stay home. Here’s our conf #XXXXXX. Thanks for your help.

Air Canada (April 9, 2020; 4:01pmPT)

Hello Johnny,
Thank you for reaching out to us. We regret to inform you that effective March 19, 2020, for all schedule changes occurring on/after March 19, 2020, refunds are no longer permitted. Since your flight has been cancelled, you will receive full credit, which you can use towards future travel. This credit is valid for travel within 24 months of your flight cancellation date. Upon re-booking there will be no change fee, however, the difference in fare will be applicable per passenger.
Air Canada Social Media /Charlie
Johnny Jet (April 9, 2020; 4:07pmPT)
Thanks for the prompt reply! Just to be clear so Air Canada isn’t going to abide by the D.O.T.’s rules? “U.S. and foreign airlines remain obligated to provide a prompt refund to passengers for flights to, within, or from the United States when the carrier cancels the passenger’s scheduled flight or makes a significant schedule change and the passenger chooses not to accept the alternative offered by the carrier.”… We appreciate the two year offer but we’re not planning on flying AC in the next couple of years.

Never heard back so I might have to play hardball. What would you do?UPDATE (May 12, 2020): I took matters into my own hands and this is what I did to get my money back from Air Canada.

There you have it: My experience with five different airlines, dealing with flight cancellations due to coronavirus.

What has your experience calling airlines for refunds been like?

Have you been calling airlines for refunds? Have you had any particularly easy or difficult experiences? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Jeannine Margaret Roman|

    Emirates cancelled my paid First Class FCO-DXB-HND flight. I requested refund same day EK cancelled. No response and not even acknowledgement of receipt of refund request inspite of numerous requests to website, phone and EK Customer Service twitter account.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      That’s ridiculous. Did you call your credit card company and ask for a chargeback?

  2. Bill Lovell|

    I didn’t yet know about your “wait-it-out until the airline cancels to get a full refund” approach. So, I received a voucher for an AA flight I knew was useless. When I called to apply it to a trip to Greece in the fall (they have the best non-stop ORD to ATH RT anyway) it took all of 5 minutes, including momentary hold time, with the most pleasant rep ever. Side Note: I have an Iberia RT ORD to MAD for May 3rd, which I know will get cancelled and I was going to wait for the refund. However, Iberia is now offering an additional 10% added to your voucher if you go that route, and they’ve extended their “fly by” dates to June 30, 2021 (it was March 31, 2021). Now I can replan and rebook for another May in Spain. Thanks for all the info you’re sharing.

  3. Dana Howard Freeman|

    I just had an excellent experience with United. They originally offered me credit good up to 1 year for three of our upcoming trips. I called back today and asked for that money to be refunded and they did. No problem at all.

  4. Connie|

    So far only offered airline credit for the following airlines that cancelled on us: Avianca, LATAM, Delta. Any advice? Thanks

    1. Johnny Jet|

      They canceled the flight? Was it to, from or within the U.S.? If yes, call them back and cite the D.O.T.’s rule. They owe you a full refund

  5. Connie Acra|

    The flights were all originating within South America other than the delta flight was from Aruba to the USA. Thanks

  6. RonNCapHill|

    Horrific experience with United in mid March when international European travel was prohibited by US government and then UK travel was added.

    United’s position was it would only offer a free change or similar credit. If you have an award ticket this is likely a dagger, because you lose the difference between what you paid and the new booking, if the new booking is less. On an award ticket, for Europe, this means you could lose 30k miles and $170 if you happen to rebook on a domestic itinerary..

    I was having none of this. The rep on the one-day refused to offer a refund, indicated he was working on giving me the credit, I had to raise my voice to tell him not to make any changes and leave everything exactly the way it is if you cannot give me a refund.

    Then a couple hours later, about 48 hours before the London flight which could not be legally flown from Denver based on government regulations that do not allow Denver as an acceptable UK airport under the current restrictions….I finally received a text from United that my flight was cancelled. No email no other notification whatsoever.

    so I called again back to United, three hours total between the two calls, received a rep who could not see that the flight was canceled because it required a click-through on its own technology systems. Once she identified that it was canceled, only then was I eligible for a refund – the miles immediately, then the $177 taxes fees and another $70 in seat charges.

    But quite an ordeal. And also a very good alert to fully verify what the supposed free change credit rules are. In most cases you must use the amount paid whether miles fees or airfare, on one booking. If it’s more than the original obviously you pay the difference, but if it’s less, you likely forfeit whatever you paid that is the difference.

    And the other lesson is, we all are creatures of habit to be proactive with travel. In this situation it is more beneficial to wait until it gets closer to the actual flight date and you may have better options, including refund.

    If you’re confused or the slightest uncertain, or there is no time frame that requires you to make a decision (ie 60+ days Ual redeposit deadline), take your time and think it out. Sleep on it and make sure you’re doing the best for you and your family, and not for the airline

  7. Helena|

    Excellent experience with AA. Initially gave vouchers minus $200.00 as flights had not
    Been canceled yet. Then gave vouchers for $200.00. Reservations for PIT/HNL/PIT.
    All done thru email. Will be rebooking trip for March 2021 when the time comes and using
    Gov’t check to upgrade to 1st. Great job AA!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Agreed. AA has surprisingly surprised me. I’m happy to be an elite flyer with them these days

  8. Thomas F.|

    I had a Delta ticket to fly back from Paris CDG on March 20.
    The travel ban went into effect on March 13. On March 12, the CEO of KLM AirFrance sent an emaiI (I am Delta Sky Miles and KLM Air France Flying Blue members.) stating that flights could be changed without fees. At CDG on March 13, an Air France desk agent (part of Sky Team with Delta and Delta’s ground crew in Paris) REFUSED 3 TIMES to change my flight from March 20, which was cancelled and saying “we are here for Air France customers and if we help Delta, then people will be working late”, to a flight on March 14 that was only 50% full. I refused to leave the desk and she said “I don’t have to help you but I will”. She then changed me to the flight that I saw was available but charged me 398 Euros, which when I got to my hotel noticed was clearly marked as a “Penalty Fee”.
    We had troubles and could not check in on line then troubles checking in the next day and were told our ticket numbers were not valid, but that got ironed out.
    In Detroit, both Delta and Air France agents told me I should be getting a refund from Air France.
    I called Air France many times and have been unable to get through.
    I emailed Air France and received an auto-reply in minutes, but have not received a refund or any other contact from Air France and it is now over 3 weeks.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      That’s ridiculous. If you don’t get a refund I would contact Chris Elliott’s team. He’s a consumer ombudsman

  9. denise|

    We had a vacation booked for Aruba this week. We were flying United. Prior to the DOT mandating any flight canceled was due a refund, United only offered us a credit for a future flight. After the new ruling, I called United right away. I was shocked I was able to get through to a live human within a few minutes. I explained that we had already been issued a credit but that due to the new ruling, I would prefer a refund. She tried twice to convince me to keep my credit, saying that United has extended the time in which I could use it. I believe it was 9 months. But don’t quote me on that. I told her we purchased 4 first class tickets in the prime spring break travel season which were very expensive and I was uncertain when we would feel comfortable to fly again. She left me on hold for 25 minutes. I swear they do this hoping that you’ll hang up in frustration. It does not take 25 minutes to find my reservation when I provided her my confirmation number. In the end, the refund was process on their end, however it has not made it to my credit card yet. She said within 7-10 business days. We’ll see. Good luck to all that are in search of refunds. Stay Safe!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I was thinking the same thing that they put you on hold for so long so you will hang up. It’s crazy. Glad you got your refund. Stay safe

  10. David E Hartzell|

    Air Canada cancelled my round trip from Tampa to Lisbon with a stop in Toronto for this May. I asked for a refund and all they would give me is a credit which can be used for up to two years. Not what I want or will probably be able to use. I submitted a written complaint on their web-sight siting DOT regulations. I received an e mail that said they would give me an answer within the next 120 days. Someone needs to get DOT on Air Canada’s case.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I’m with you and about to do the same. It’s crazy. Thanks for sharing

  11. Jane Berca|

    I canceled an AA flight for early April from ORD to Augusta, Ga. as soon as AA said flights could be canceled, in mid-March. Both of the flights i had booked were subsequently canceled. The story I got was that they would give refunds to those who waited until it was officially canceled, but because I canceled earlier, I could only get a credit. It was a pricey ticket.
    Frustrating. I think I”ll call again and try your escalation idea. Thank you.


    I can just see the TV ads now.
    You know the trial lawyers are salivating over their upcoming opportunities to file class action lawsuits against the airlines for failure to comply with D. O. T. refund guidelines.

    1. Johnny Jet|


  13. Sean K.|

    Has anyone dealt with Alaska? I’ll likely be changing/cancelling a flight involving a companion fare which has since expired after the booking. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks, Sean

  14. Bob Young|

    While we did not experience a “cancelled flight problem” I did have to cancel both an American flight thru Japan to Manila beginning on 13 March and 2 in country flights on 28/30 Mar. on United. Both were canceled based upon advice of our family doctor. We are 82 and 75.
    America agreed to return all FFM used at no cost to us and United refunded the $ 1200.00
    I had paid for their flights.
    My only problem is with a Chase Sapphire Pref. Although they say that insurance is not valid if we travel against the advice of a physician that had we traveled and gotten sick we would have been covered!! I’m still trying tp get some kind of clarification but with little success.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Can you email me what Chase did and what’s going on? They should give you a full refund no questions asked. My email is johnny @ johnnyjet .com

  15. Marilyn|

    I was able to get a refund to my credit card (at least I was promised one) yesterday, April 9, from American Airlines for 2 flights I had canceled previously. I did this completely on-line starting with the receipts and refunds selection at the bottom of the page. Had to choose refund several times as I proceeded through the menus. Need the ticket number (not the tracking number) and passenger last name. If you look carefully on your receipt you can find the ticket number. Both flights are now cancelled although they weren’t when I cancelled in March.

  16. Ron Trimper|

    Anyone have any experience with Sun Country? I have 10 tickets on flights that were cancelled to Ixtapa end of May. They won’t refund only credit….

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I don’t but if they canceled them your due a refund. Sue them.

  17. Holly|

    Hello, I had to cancel my flights on Alaska Airlines on 4/7/10 for travel that got cancelled in May. I called and they gave the option to call me back, only took them about seven minutes to call back. I was impressed. Katherine was great – cancelled with no hassles, explained everything, and I used their companion fare for this trip and they issued a new one and explained everything related to that. She was efficient, kind, and understanding. I sure do hope Alaska makes it through all this because we LOVE ALASKA AIRLINES!!!

  18. Joy wilson|

    I called United last week , about cancel a domestic flight from San Diego to New Orleans.i had previously canceled the trip about 3 was ago and they had said I would receive a voucher for the amount of ticket to be used 1 year later. However, I decided to call them again to see if I could try for a refund. At first, they said the same thing but then I asked for a supervisor.Upon speaking w/ a supervisor, he DID give me a d my husband a FULL REFUND for both tickets. It was put on my Visa. So, keep trying!!?

  19. Joy wilson|

    I called United last week , about cancel a domestic flight from San Diego to New Orleans.i had previously canceled the trip about 3 was ago and they had said I would receive a voucher for the amount of ticket to be used 1 year later. However, I decided to call them again to see if I could try for a refund. At first, they said the same thing but then I asked for a supervisor.Upon speaking w/ a supervisor, he DID give me a d my husband a FULL REFUND for both tickets. It was put on my Visa. So, keep trying!

  20. Kimberly D.|

    Called American Airlines on Friday, April 10th at 8:17AM CT and no wait whatsoever. Exceptional service. My cancellation was a bit complex because it was a reservation for two unaccompanied minors – so she had to credit the unaccompanied minor fee and the airline fees. Entire call took less than 15 minutes. Issued a refund without any questions.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      American is really doing a (surprising) great job

  21. David E Hartzell|

    I posted several hours ago that Air Canada would not refund my fare on flights they cancelled and that I had filed a complaint asking for refund on their web site. I just now received my answer and Air Canada is basically saying, US Dot can go to H–l. They will not give me a refund only a credit for future travel which I am sure I will never be able to use. So I think US DOT should tell Air Canada they can no longer fly into or out of the USofA if they will not abide our rules.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      They’re really looking bad. I will write to the DOT

  22. Eileen|

    Last week, I was able to get a refund on a canceled RDU to Vancouver flight that was scheduled for May on Air Canada, after making it through the phone tree. It only took a few days for the refund to post to my credit card.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Great to hear!

  23. Mark Beales|

    I cancelled our March flight to Italy on British Air which I secured through Alaska Airlines using Alaska Miles. I contacted Alaska Airlines Partner desk about cancelling our flights. No problem. Alaska cancelled the flights, refunded the monies I paid and credited the Miles back to my account. Alaska was easy to work with. I’m not having equal success with British Air trying to get them to refund the $1,300 I paid British Air directly on line to reserve seats for four of us. The response I received today read “Unfortunately, your booking is not eligible for a Future Travel Voucher because your booking was not booked directly with British Airways, please contact your Travel Agent”. Now it appears I’ll have to write to their home office and include copies of the receipts and hope they will respond accordingly as communicating on-line is a waste of time.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      That is ridiculous. When did you pay for it? Can you ask your credit card for a charge back?

  24. Mark Van Raam|

    I canceled an August 4 cruise with Holland America. Our airfare to London on United Airlines was booked via Holland America (HAL). We’ll get a full refund on the cruise, but are being dinged $253.98 per person on our airfare from Dulles to London. This is the full amount we paid for the air. This doesn’t seem right. I feel like we should get a credit from United. I’m going to push this with my Travel Agent next week.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Why are you getting dinged? Wait until they cancel the flight

  25. Lee|

    We had AA tickets on March 12-16 , Chicago to Phoenix. The plan was to attend MLB spring training games.
    The games were cancelled , flights had been purchased 12/2019 .
    The flights were not cancelled at the time the games were , AA would only give vouchers .
    They said they had to be used by 12/2020. No refunds.
    I’m fairly certain we will not be able to use them by that time and they total over $900.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Was your flight canceled? If yes, call them back up and ask for a refund and cite the DOT rules

  26. Elaine Wallace|

    I am still trying to obtain a refund or voucher from Emirates for a flight from Singapore to Orlando on March 19 made through Ovago. Cruise line cancelled our ports in Thailand and Singapore.
    Emirates will not talk to me and told me to handle this through Ovago. Ovago said because it was a round trip ticket from Orlando to Dubai and return from Singapore and because we used the
    portion from Orlando to Dubai we are not entitled to a refund.
    Do you think this is true? Can you suggest any recourse?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I’ve never even heard of Ovago. You should get a refund for half but it depends on your fare rules. Lesson here is don’t ever book via a third party and use a good travel agent.

  27. Bill|

    Had a flight from San Diego to New York on april 17. Spend the night in New York and then fly to Amterdam. Delta cancelled flight to Amsterdam . Called Delta had a very pleasant experience, requested a full refund. We had the refund credit back to our card in less than a week. Our trip to New York has been re-routed to Detroit and then to New York. Waiting to see if delta is going to cancel this part.

  28. Sherlock|

    My wife and I should be in Raratonaga now, but our rtw-trip got cancelled due to Corona. It included 9 flight bookings on 7 different airlines, some of them booked through OTAs: TXL-MEL-AKL-RAR-AIT-RAR-PPT-BOB-PPT-SFO-FRA. (I live in Germany.) So far, all but the return flight (in mid May) have been cancelled by the airlines. Right now, I am in the middle of fighting to get my money back, so to say “in real time”. Here your advice was helpful so far. I also read your article on SmarterTravel. So far I received only one refund. Air Tahiti was exemplary! (Thank you!) Scoot offered the choice of refund in 14 weeks or a voucher for 120% in 2 to 3 weeks, which I consider fair. The worst was my experience with the OTA Opodo, through whom I booked the Emirates flight from MEL to AKL. On the phone I couldn’t reach them. The booking reference was “not found” and a message through their contact form was acknowledged but not answered in a week. The OTAs seem to be a general problem, because the airlines say you should adress them and they simply don’t answer. My next challenge will be the flight RAR-PPT, booked on Air Rarotonga through Opodo. What puzzels me now is a statement on the Air Rarotonga web site: “For Reservations you made with a Travel Agent or online travel agent (…) please contact the agent that issued your tickets as they are holding your funds until after you have flown.” Is that true? The OTAs mostly say on their web sites, that they cannot refund you because the airlines don’t give refunds any more. Do you know who is right?
    I could keep you updated about the next experiences. Can you recommend where?

  29. Mrs. Hdz-Soto|

    I had a terrible experience with Volaris Airlines. I have tried numerous times calling and tried multiple platforms for nearly two weeks and I have not been able to get in touch with anyone. My flight was on April 10th and returned April 15th. I am now $1,000. out of pocket thanks to Volaris.

  30. Shelby|

    AIR CANADA: Our family of 4 had a flight from LA to Geneva on April 23 which was cancelled due to COVID-19. The total amount is $3,200. I have not been able to connect with AC at all. Johnny, a couple questions. 1) If i go with the option of getting a credit… do you know if i can use it on multiple flights over the next 24 months? The reason i ask, is because the website says “Any fare difference will apply and if the future travel costs less, you will lose the difference.” This leads me to believe i can only use this credit on one flight and if i don’t us the full amount it will be lost. I should just be able to use it like a gift card over the next 24 months. I have tried to ask AC but not able to connect with them. Do you know? 2) I would prefer to get a full refund per the DOT regulation, but again there is no option to do this and no one to speak with. Have you heard anymore from AC regarding the refund of your flight? Thanks in advance for your help.

  31. Stevie Kaye|

    I was supposed to fly China Eastern aitlines from Shanghai to Beijing as part of a cruise in Royal Caribbean in August. . I booked thru Orbitz .i have tried numerois times to get thru on phone to cancel and they have recording do not bother us unless 3 days ftom airline departure .What the F. Anybody who books with Orbit in future is out of their mind. Then they also tell you as alternative to cancel with a virtual travel agent and of course that does not work. It Keeps telling you to start all over or speak to agent whuch is back to Square one which is recorded message to not bother us until 3 days before flight.. I tried calling China Eastern and they also say do not bother us and get in touch with Orbitz which is impossible. I hope your readers see this and do not book Orbitz ever again costing them many clients . Maybe thet will change their policies and phone message

  32. Ray|

    ETIHAD : BANGKOK / MADRID : Airline canx flight. Offered free transfer or credit etc etc. Requested a refund via Etihad website, received conf email from airline. Refund received. Many thanks Etihad

    EASYJET : ALICANTE / LONDON / ALICANTE : Airline canx flight. Offered free transfer or credit etc etc. Called airline to request refund. Very helpful assistant ” refund in 5 – 7 days “. Refund received. Excellent service, many thanks EasyJet.

    AIR ASIA : BANGKOK / HANOI / BANGKOCK, A month ago, following the airline’s cancellation, I requested a refund both at Air Asia’s office in Bangkok and via the website. Since then I have received various emails offering free change, credit etc. I have replied to each one repeating my request for a refund. On the weekend I received a further email, this time from the airline’s CEO, ” strongly recommending ” I accept the credit offer and going on to say that refunds were only offered on a ” case by case ” basis and may take ” up to 12 = 16 weeks “. I absolutely understand, from a commercial standpoint, why airlines are reluctant to refunds however, I was wondering if Air Asia are within their rights to judge ” case by case ” and also take ” up to 12 – 16 weeks ” for something that other airlines can do in days ?!

  33. Sharon|

    Air Canada yesterday – 120 minutes on hold…i live in Canada and my flight was to London. Notice if you take the 24 mo credit and you rebook the same destination later, any $ increase you pay, and $ decrease, they keep. Thankfully I purchased trip cancellation but the paperwork had a 24 hr response requirement or else your refund would be invalid.

  34. Sandra Whiting|

    Delta cancelled our premium economy March 30 flights to Sicily on March 21 and automatically put the value into a wallet. I called on March 22 to request refunds on both tickets and the agent was very helpful but had to process the refund requests “by hand” as the system was apparently not working. Received confirmations of refund requests that same day. Then nothing. No refunds. No $ in my “wallet”. Called April 21 after 21 business days (the amount of time Delta said it was taking for refunds as of last week). Delta had no record of the refund request, so passed it on to a supervisor who is supposed to investigate and email me with more info. Was on the line with agent for about 40 minutes. Not sure if I will have to wait for another 30 days or not. The airline agents have been very pleasant, but the system is obviously bogged down. Or they want to hold on to our money longer.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks for sharing. Let us know if they don’t refund you

  35. Jim Walsh|

    Called AA to request a refund for changing my direct roundtrip flight to Paris to connecting roundtrip flight itinerary. I asked the agent if that qualified for a refund and if so I would like one. She said she’d give me the ticket number and I’d have to do it online. I went online and I noticed it was only giving me credit for $139 of a $480 fare. So I hit cancel. Well, it had already canceled my flight and the email stated I’ll get full CREDIT for my fare. I am calling AA back to understand why it was only showing a partial refund?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I have no idea. The fare might’ve been just $139 and the other were taxes but all should be returned. Keep us posted

  36. Mike Ryan|

    I booked 2 one-way tickets on Norwegian Air Shuttle from CPH to MCO via LGW back in January for a flight on 5 May. On 4/7, Norwegian cancelled our itinerary and offered Future Flight Credit with a bonus Or Refund to Credit Card. I chose the Refund on that same day, and Norwegian e-mailed a Confirmation to me, but gave no date when they would issue that refund. After 7 business days, I filed a DOT dispute. I also reached out the my Credit Card issuer. The DOT said they forwarded the complaint to the Airline, and tge Airline has 60 days to respond to me. My Credit Card issuer said I had to wait until after tge flight was to depart, even though the airline has confirmed the cancellation and refund request in writing. Then I could dispute it for “Non-Receipt of Goods or Services”. Now I have just noted that Norwegian Air Shuttle has filed for Bankruptcy for four of their Contract Subsidiaries. The airline codes preceding the flight numbers were D8 for CPH-LGW and DI for LGW-MCO. How is my refund effected by this latest development? Are my flights included in the Bankruptcy, or is my claim still against the parent Company Norwegian Air Shuttle who I purchased the tickets from in January on their online reservations system from here in the USA. The parent company did not file Bankruptcy, and my DOT complaint was forwarded to the parent company.

  37. Sam|

    Never could get Delta on the phone.
    Our flight was cancelled although they offered a different flight the next day.
    We went through the webite and filled in the refund form.
    They did refund our ticket but stuck us with a $200 change fee on a $250 ticket!

  38. BJ|

    British Air cancelled my March 21 flight that I purchased with a voucher plus miles. Spoke to a lovely man in India who did the whole refund and deposited my miles. My voucher is now good through next summer, fingers crossed we will travel. Since my interEuropean flights were not yet cancelled he said call back when they are cancelled. Once they were cancelled I called back, on hold for around 5 minutes and was told because of my class of purchase I could only get a voucher good for 18 months, which I took.
    Swiss air was a whole different story. When I would call I got the list of bottons to push, so I push the one for cancelled flights, it rings a few times then disconnects. This went on for a few weeks every time I tried to call, finally I got an agent, a very nice person that said yes I could get a refund. He cancelled my tickets and gave me a transaction number and said because of the back up to wait 4 to 5 weeks for the refund and if it doesn’t come through to call back but keep the transaction number and call back. He really did not give me much confidence that my refund will be received.

  39. Susan Athey|

    United cancelled the direct flight we had from LHR-DEN on May 18 and rerouted us through ORD with an arrival time 5 hours and 42 minutes later. I asked United for a refund, given that our original flight does not exist anymore. No deal ! Only travel credit good for up to 2 years. I talked to an agent and his supervisor and sited the DOT rules. Too bad … since they get us to our destination within a “reasonable” time of 6 hours, they will not refund the money. I filed a report with DOT who forwarded it to United because it falls within the DOT guidelines for a refund.
    I rec’d a call from United just repeating the entire 6 hours blah…blah.. blah. She told me to not cancel yet but wait them out and see if it is changed again. I have now requested a chargeback from Chase United card. We shall see what happens!

  40. mark t weiser|

    well I booked a flight in july ( after I changed it from february) thru a 3rd party consolidator ( BCC) tickets from LAX to Phuket on American. They are only offerring credit back while when i called the airline they said theyd refund the whole amount since they modified the flight since the 3rd party carrier sent them a check they would send the refund to them for them to disperse to me…now, BCC says its “policy” only to offer credit and no refund since its a non refundable ticket. I filed a complaint yesterday with the DOT but wondered my recourse here

  41. mark weiser|

    what makes me mad is they charged me a change fee when I proactively moved my ticket back in february and when all the airlines were waiving change fees this 3rd party would not give me a credit on the change ! I called the airlines and they said they never received any monies for a
    changed ticket and the 3rd party ( BCC, by the way are crooks!) then admitted they kept the change fees

    1. Johnny Jet|

      I would call back and ask to speak to a supervisor

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