Brooke Knight posted possibly one of the most surreal plane videos (see below) I’ve ever seen on Twitter. According to KTNV “Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says it responded to a call of a man on the tarmac at McCarran Airport at about 1:32 p.m. When they arrived the man was on the wing of an Alaska Airlines flight headed to Portland. A passenger on the flight recorded a video of the incident.”

Here’s another video from a passenger who says he was running around on the ground before climbing up onto the wing.

And another

Alaska Airlines released a statement about the incident: “Around 2 p.m. PST, Alaska Airlines flight 1367 from Las Vegas to Portland was preparing for take-off when the pilot noticed an individual advancing towards the aircraft. The pilots notified the tower. Law enforcement was dispatched and able to apprehend the individual. Our guests and employees are safe and we are working with law enforcement. The plane has returned to the gate for a full inspection.”

According to the above statement, it sounds like he wasn’t a passenger and might have climbed up using a ladder, which can be seen in the video.

More details to come.

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  1. David Hendler|

    Clearly a Biden voter. Why didn’t the airline send in a social worker to get him down? What is it with psychotic people attracted to airplanes?

  2. M. Martin|

    Stay classy David!

  3. conrad smith|


  4. conrad smith|

    Wow-you need help yourself!

  5. Anonymous|

    All you trump supporters can rot in hell along with him him!all you trump supporters think you own shit but you own nothing but a place in hell

  6. Anonymous|

    Props to David Hendler! Idiots like you secured the victory!

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