How I avoid leaving my winter coat in the car before a flight
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I live in L.A., so I very rarely wear my winter coat. But when I’m flying somewhere cold (like in winter), I have to bring it with me. And it’s easy to forget in the back of the car when I get a ride to LAX before my flight out. I’ve come close to leaving my coat many times, both in my own car (when my wife drops me off) and in the back of uberXs (uberX drivers are notorious for having personal items in their trunks, which makes it easier to lose track of your own stuff). My mind is often preoccupied with work or how much I’m going to miss my family, so to avoid forgetting my coat in the car, I always tie a sleeve around my luggage strap. This way, I don’t forget it!

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How do you avoid forgetting/losing stuff (like your coat in the car) when you travel?

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2 Comments On "How I Avoid Leaving My Winter Coat in the Car Before a Flight"
  1. Martha Spelman|

    I use Packbands — they are stretchy, adjustable straps. I use them to attach my coat, sweater or scarg to my luggage or backpack. I also use them to keep rolled clothing secured in my luggage (saves space and keeps clothing from wrinkling).

  2. Martha Spelman|


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