How to work remotely in Southeast AsiaIf you’ve dreamt about working overseas but you’re hesitant to do it alone or make a huge commitment, then listen up!

First, you need to have a job that allows you to work remotely. These days that doesn’t seem as difficult (most of my friends now work from home). Second, you have to want to travel to Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand). Third, you need to be able to afford your plane tickets and the weekly ($500) or monthly ($1,500) fee. If you can check those boxes, The Remote Life might be for you.

Last year I wrote about a company offering the chance to work around the world for one year. Each month they went to another country. The problem with is that it asked for a year’s commitment and cost $27,000.

What I like about The Remote Life is that it’s only a week or three-month commitment and it costs a lot less. The 30 applicants they take are given private rooms in a villa or apartments, two meals every day, and access to a local office space nearby with high speed Wi-Fi (available desk space and 24/7 access). They get to meet local ambassadors, attend community events, group dinners and professional workshops, and more.

The Remote Life team also picks participants up and drops them back at the airport, takes care of their visas and insurance, and provides local SIM cards on arrival. If you go for more than one month, it will cover your flights between destinations on the itinerary.

Sound good? Click here to apply.

14 Comments On "How to Work Remotely in Southeast Asia for 3 Months"
  1. Akeena Alappat|

    OMG I loved the idea of traveling and exploring what makes life better.I love adventure and this idea is surely one such.Rather than doing my work always sitting in my office with a laptop.Am I why can’t I do my work plus make some new friends?

  2. Ankita|

    Working and travelling is a sure thing for me. Who does not want to get out of 9-5 boring schedule? Remote Life is doing a great job by providing such opportunity. The best part is the money involved is affordable and remote life takes care of most of the hassles like visa, sim card etc. They also provide you chances to meet local people and understand their culture. Keep up the good work. Its a very good initiative.

  3. Adity Bhargav|

    What an innovative thinking this is! In this fast paced world where individuals have no/less free time to relax and enjoy, this program comes with a unique solution for all the entrepreneurs who wish to work remotely by travelling to new places where they also get an amazing chance to meet new people and expand their network.

  4. Aa|

    How to Travel Around 3 Countries in 3 Months — Without Losing Your Job? Someone would call me a psychotic if I asked them this question. Remote Life has an answer to this!
    Workacation – Being able to go on a vacation without losing your job. This is an every man’s dream and this totally bizarre dream is brought to reality my Remote Life!
    Adventure , passion , wanderlust , exploration – everything without losing your job.
    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails.Travel. Explore. Dream. Discover.
    Thanks to Remote Life for making this happen !! All the wanderers sitting in a square cubicle this is an amazing opportunity for you guys!

  5. Sukrutha Sen|

    The Remote Life’ is providing something that lies in the heart of this generation. With, the number of freelancers and independent workers rising, it is expected that many of these individuals will be open to working in diverse locations free from the bustle of everyday life. Not only will it allow people to tick off their bucket lists while working, it will also allow like minded people to connect and collect experiences.

  6. Jannat Choudhary|

    Remote life is offering so many facilities at low prices too. It is giving a chance to work and travel together. It is giving a chance to explore countries abroad and at the same time. You can travel 3 different countries that too without losing job. Its like a dream come true for a travel addict

  7. G.ANUSHA|

    WOW!!!! its actually good exploring and working at different places.It even refreshes our mindset and enhances thoughts towards work.It evolves ideas and enlightens thoughts ,that would be a great experience with Remote life .

  8. Chandra Bhanu Solanki|

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy but this is an opportunity to make some memories along with completion of tasks.Remote life is giving perfect blend of work and enjoyment at the same time.That too with an affordable price compared to others.Work is worth with this trip.

  9. Manjari Boggarapu|

    A trip outside leaving all the lappy work or putting aside a trip with friends, one always had to chose from the two.Gone are those days with options of ambiguity.The perfect option amalgamated to our requisites is this one. Connecting remote people,the remote of our life for a month can undoubtedly be in the hands of Remote Life.

  10. Anonymous|

    The idea is really innovative and makes you think. I really loved the idea because I personally believe that traveling can really expand your mind and broaden your horizons. If you are in the creative fields then traveling can really help you look at things from a different perspective. The remote life has brought a product in market that can solve the problem of a sense of stagnation which is prevalent in the corporate world today. However the product is for professionals who have can afford it which I really feel for a little difficult for newcomers. However with the same idea certain low cost trips within India can really help overcome this issue. I as a fresh graduate would love to start this program for a trip within India and then after some time with more savings definately go abroad.

  11. Akshit Kalra|

    I really loved the idea. Who could have thought work and vacation could be combined. It is an amazing program. I truly believe that traveling can open your mind and broaden your perspective. Also this opportunity really caters to the problem of a sense of stagnation and suffocation of working in the office which I have seen in people around me. The new generation wants to explore themselves and grow. This is the person opportunity for them. However this is suitable for people who can afford $1500 a month. This amount can really be a little difficult for people who are just starting their careers. However this idea can be applied and executed in India for a substantially lower cost. As a fresh graduate I would love to start with a trip initially in India and then later after having some money saved a trip abroad.

  12. Ankita Sahoo|

    Work gets a boost when the environment is so serene.A whole new experience where the job is an adventure. Introducing such an idea of work and a holiday trip simultaneously is so unique that one should try once. One should experience the perks of getting out of the boring cubicle and experience the new adventure. I guess this will actually enhance the productivity of the work and in quality point of view.

  13. Rushali Singh|

    The Remote Life is a work of remote program that brings everyone together such as the people who love to travel,who die for the name travelling,freelancer and more. The remote life is program with live travel repeat.

  14. Anirudhh Sai|

    Never have anyone brought out such an impeccable initiative for freelancers. Freelancers are seemingly the most unheeded section of working class, as they choose to have no permanent place or scope of work. This idea, brought out by Remote Life, will change the way the freelancers and the stereotypical hard-earning class of employees look at work anymore. People nowadays are much more preoccupied in other predicaments in their lives that they’ve actually forgotten how to enjoy the work they do totally. And when they’re given such an incredulous opportunity to work and live the life they’ve always yearned, they tend to relish and rejoice their work which ultimately results in significant improvement in their work standards. If only people would bring out more initiatives like this, that could change their lives entirely for that matter.

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