Here’s an idea that you’ll wish you had come up with since it’s a win-win for everyone. And it’s especially welcome during the COVID-19 pandemic, since not many people are traveling and too many people are lonely.

Cameo is a site and app that lets fans book personalized video shout-outs from their favorite celebrities – from actors and musicians to sports stars. All you have to do is log on to Cameo and search for a personality to get your loved one a truly memorable gift – a video addressed to them from a celebrity. It’s way more expensive than a Hallmark card but so much more fun and definitely unforgettable!

Once you’re registered and are ready to book a celebrity to create a personalized video for you, you can send them detailed notes about exactly who the message is for and what you want them to say. Messages can be 15 seconds to a minute long and the turnaround time is usually seven days.

Cameo offers personalized video messages from thousands of celebrities including actors; reality TV stars; athletes (over 8,000); musicians; comedians and content creators (6,804).

You can spend hours searching but there are tons of people on there and it looks like they’re adding more regularly. In the 10 minutes I explored the website, I found everyone from travel TV hosts like my friends Jack Maxwell ($50) and Josh Gates ($150), to Barry Williams, aka Greg Brady ($140) from The Brady Bunch.

Available musicians range from Smokey Robinson ($200) to Flavor Flav ($250) and professional athletes from Brett Favre ($400) and Joe Montana ($449) to Richard Petty ($250).

There are numerous Yankees legends like Reggie Jackson ($240) and current manager Aaron Boone ($240). You will even find Charlie Sheen ($555) or Tommy Chong ($150) from Cheech and Chong and TV stars Alyssa Milano ($250) and Mandy Moore ($350), both of whom donate their earnings.

Each celebrity sets their own price and has pasted Cameo messages they’ve already sent out so you can get an idea of what it will be like.

I’m on Cameo
Cameo was kind enough to invite me to join when they first launched. I just created my profile and I know … I’m not a celebrity. However, I am a content creator and though people might not get too excited about getting a shout out from me, they might be excited to get words of encouragement since I not only used to be afraid to fly but even to leave the house, at one point. Or maybe I can share some travel-related advice. My price is $19.99.

Once you sign up, Cameo puts a hold on your credit card and the ‘personality’ you’ve chosen has seven days to fulfill the request. If they don’t, your money will be refunded. If they do, Cameo will email and text you a link to view, share, or download your video message. Pretty cool, eh?

FYI: Brian Baumgartner from “The Office” was the highest-earning celebrity on Cameo in 2020. Maybe there’s hope for me in 2021!

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