Here's how to get the right SIM card for you in every countryIf you’ve traveled internationally (and even if you haven’t), you know that most phone plans don’t cover calling, text and data everywhere in the world. I use T-Mobile, which works in more than 115 countries, but not all plans are that generous. Buying a local SIM card to put into your phone is a great option, but where do you start with that? This site:

A Facebook friend of my friend Lawrence calls the Prepaid Data SIM Card Wiki “the best website you will ever need on the topic,” and I think he may be right. For every country in the world, the site—which is crowd-sourced and always growing—lists the mobile networks available, their sizes and coverage areas, how much SIM cards cost and where to buy them, and a whole lot more. If you want to learn how to stay connected in another country, check it out!




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  1. Azadul Jony|

    I want to get a mobile phone with sim card who will be work any where in the world. Is that posible?

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