This week’s featured website comes from Kathy McCabe of, and Host/Executive Producer of the Dream of Italy travel series on PBS and Editor/Publisher of Dream of Italy travel magazine:

For so many of us, pets are family. When we travel, we want to take them along and make sure they’re safe and happy. For some journeys across the country, driving takes too long or just isn’t practical. The alternative is flying, and with animals of a certain size, that means they must travel in cargo. If you’ve seen the news lately, you know traditional airlines can’t always ensure the safety of their pet passengers.

Enter, or re-enter: Pet Airways. From 2009 to 2011, Pet Airways flew nearly 10,000 pets across the United States as in-cabin passengers on their special pet-only planes. The company was especially committed to getting rescues to new homes but also shuttled beloved family pets who were moving or vacationing.

Well, Pet Airways is relaunching—but it needs your help! You can donate to sponsor the flight of a rescue animal, buy shares in the company or become an investor. As soon as the funding is in, Pet Airways will initially start flying to Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Baltimore (Washington, DC), and New York.

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    My little dog died in Spain while I was visiting my sons. We cremated her. My doubt is: I will like to bring her ashes to Puerto Rico where I live permanently. Do the airlines and/or Customs allow the carry of the animal’s ashes?

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