When I was growing up, my parents and siblings taught me not to kill anything, including bugs. Bugs are inevitable when the weather is warm and especially when you’re traveling in the tropics. I don’t care how nice your hotel is; there will be bugs if you leave a light on and a window open, leave food out, even if you do nothing wrong… I’ve learned the hard way all over the world, including in a remote part of Australia when I had a spider the size of my hand in my room.

Well, if you want to rid your environment of bugs without killing them, you can easily catch and release them somewhere else with a BugZooka. It’s a fast, simple and clean way to rid your home, RV, cabin, boat, or even hotel room of bugs.

You probably don’t want to take this innovative contraption with you on the plane, but if you’re traveling by automobile, it’s an easy thing to throw in the car. It’s lightweight and at 17.8″ x 5.5″ x 3.9″ it lets you keep your distance so you avoid bug squish and splatter.

BugZooka’s unique patent-pending design creates 10x the instant suction of heavy battery-powered devices. Bugs are sucked instantly into a removable “catch tube” with the simple press of a button. You can then take the bottom part off the BugZooka and release the bug somewhere down the road or near the house of a neighbor you don’t like (just kidding).

Grab it: Grab a BugZooka on Amazon for $33.99.

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