I’ve read a lot of heart-wrenching stories as well as stories that make my blood pressure go through the roof. Well, this story does both. But I’m writing about it for two reasons: To learn from it and to encourage donations to the GoFundMe if you so choose. RELATED: 12 Things in Travel You Need to Know Today

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According to KTLA, “A Hawaiian honeymoon turned to tragedy earlier this month when one of the newlyweds died after an incident at a beach in O’ahu. His new bride was also robbed of her bag and everything in it — including the keys to their rental car — while bystanders attempted to resuscitate him. The 49-year-old man, from San Jose, California, had been snorkeling with his wife at Electric Beach in Nānākuli on June 1 when something went wrong, witnesses told Nexstar’s KHON. Bystanders pulled him from the water unresponsive and performed CPR on the beach.”

I’m pretty sure there’s a very hot corner in hell awaiting the lowlife who robbed the woman of everything (keys, car rental, wallet, money, clothing). But it’s important for travelers to know that there are desperate people out there. Of course the majority of people in Hawaii and around the world are good but there are a small number who tarnish a destination’s reputation.

I’ve written plenty of tips for traveling to Hawaii and other destinations where future inmates prey on tourists. A practical tip for Hawaii and any place, really, is to never leave your belongings unattended. I know what you’re thinking: Who would be worried about their backpack when their spouse is being given CPR. I don’t know what their circumstances were but it’s best to bring as few items as possible to the beach and definitely don’t leave anything of value in the car.

Criminals are known to stalk parking lots, beaches and transportation hubs all over the world. If you must leave stuff in your car, put it in your trunk but don’t do it in the parking lot. Pull over well before so when you get out of the car at your destination, the people watching you don’t think you have anything in the trunk.

As far as your car keys, wallet and phone go, while at the beach it’s best to have one person watch your stuff while the other swims. Not ideal or fun, I know. The other option is to buy a waterproof phone pouch like this one to put around your neck so you can both swim.

In San Francisco, locals know not to leave anything in their car, not even for a minute. Check out the video below of smash and grabs (here’s how to prevent it from happening to you), where the bad guys pull up next to a parked car or one stuck in traffic, smash the window and pull the suitcases out. It takes them a mere seven seconds tops. The insane video is below:

YouTube video

I also wrote a post about the myriad ways travelers to Europe are getting scammed, including a distraction technique involving a lady falling off of an escalator. Crazy stuff.

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