Metropolitan by COMO Miami Beach's top floor hydrotherapy pool
Metropolitan by COMO Miami Beach’s top floor hydrotherapy pool

When you think of Miami Beach, does the thought of dancing and nightlife come to mind? That’s what I thought—until my most recent visit to Miami Beach, during which I discovered there’s a wellness scene here. Yep, you read that right. I said wellness in Miami Beach. If you’re at all surprised or intrigued by that statement, check out my discoveries during my recent stay at the Metropolitan by COMO Miami Beach.

Metropolitan by COMO Miami Beach view from the top floor
Metropolitan by COMO Miami Beach view from the top floor

The Metropolitan by COMO Miami Beach: A wellness, Art Deco oasis
Immediately upon entering the lobby of the Metropolitan by COMO Miami Beach, I felt a weight come off my shoulders. I no longer felt the need to worry about my writing deadlines or the emails I had to respond to. I’m telling you, this place was total relaxation. Even after traveling out of the country staying at wellness retreats, I saw how special this place is, and it’s not even that far from home.

Metropolitan by COMO Miami Beach blends a wellness retreat with an Art Deco flare. We’re in Miami Beach after all! The hotel brand COMO Hotels & Resorts, based out of Singapore, debuted its first hotel in America here in Miami Beach just last year.

COMO Shambhala massage room
COMO Shambhala massage room

COMO Shambhala
I spent the day at the hotel’s spa—the COMO Shambhala—in the hydrotherapy pool and spa on the top level of the hotel. The pool overlooked the ocean on the ninth floor and I noticed you couldn’t really hear the bustle of Collins Avenue because it was surrounded on both sides by quiet condo buildings. How perfect.

First, I dipped into the hydrotherapy pool to use the jet-based therapy to prepare my muscles for the massage. There are six different stations to sit at, targeting the neck, shoulders, legs, arms, and back. I also couldn’t help but feel more relaxed just looking at that view.

Then I met Maura, the massage therapist, who gave me the signature COMO Shambhala massage. Having recently traveled through much of Southeast Asia, I felt transported back with this massage. The COMO Shambhala massage, developed at their main COMO Shambhala Estate in Bali, is a blend of several Asian techniques with a focus on target areas. It takes a good massage therapist to actually find those areas and Maura was one of the best. She could tell when I was actually allowing my body to relax in the massage (clearly I have a stress problem I’m working to fix).

Maura and I beginning the yoga class
Maura and I beginning the yoga class

She also gave me a private one-on-one yoga class where she helped me move into deeper meditation and further into poses than I’ve gone before. I just can’t say enough great things about her. The same goes for Elena in the spa for being friendly and helpful in preparation of the treatment. Sometimes people really do complete the experience.

Water fall green juice
Water fall green juice at Traymore

Traymore restaurant
Cuisine at the COMO’s Traymore Restaurant was just as incredible as the spa experience. They had a signature COMO Shambhala menu with healthy options as well as a regular menu of fresh seafood and small bites for the pool scene outside. I wanted to eat off of the COMO Shambhala menu.

First, I sampled some of their juices. I liked the green water fall juice with cucumber, parsley, celery, fennel, pear, and mint. Yum. Their juice menu tells you exactly how each juice will benefit your body.

Spiced salmon
Spiced salmon

Then, I had the seared spiced salmon with quinoa, pomegranate salad and an eggplant puree. The salmon was flavored very nicely and the veggies were very fresh. They also had a dish of chilled soba noodles with raw yellowfin tuna, seaweed and avocado that piqued my interest as well.

I know I was being healthy, but I just needed to have the dessert: a berry cheesecake with macadamia and coconut crust (it was light and beautiful looking if that makes a difference).


I loved my day so much that I hope to go back for the full overnight experience. Meanwhile, thinking back, I can’t believe I got this experience in Miami Beach. Not some tropical remote island in the Pacific…Miami Beach! (Don’t get me wrong: I love islands in the Pacific, if you know anything about me.)

Miami Beach is easy to get to non-stop by plane and close enough for some people to drive to. And you can even find reasonable prices here compared to what’s offered at wellness retreats around the world. You’ll of course be reminded you’re on Collins Avenue when you step outside, but I think that’s the beauty of this experience. You can have the wellness respite, be healthy and then venture out to have a great meal and a beverage in the evening.

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All photos credited to Caitlin Martin.

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