I’m not sure how I’m just learning about Nima now, since it’s been around for a few years. In 2015, it was even named one of Travel + Leisure’s best travel products. In any case, the Nima app provides the info you need to live life gluten- or peanut-free. Via its own unique community, it crowdsources allergen test results from thousands of restaurants across the United States. Every Nima-tested restaurant has ratings and reviews to help you decide whether to go and what to order.

If you own one of their physical Nima sensors (they’re available for gluten or peanut testing and cost $289 each), you can even test food yourself and have the results synced to the app instantly and automatically. Every restaurant dish or packaged food test result that you review is added to the Nima-tested restaurant map or packaged foods database (searchable feature coming soon). And you don’t need a sensor to get use out of the app. The in-app map—the aggregate of the crowdsourced testing—has green icons designating restaurants with gluten- or peanut-free test results. The orange icons identify menu items that have tested positive for containing an allergen.

The free Nima App is available in both the iOS and Android (though the iOS app is highly rated while Android app is not).



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