A great free app for travelers with food allergiesLiving with a food allergy, even a minor one, can be difficult. Traveling with a food allergy can feel nearly impossible. Luckily, there are a number of apps available that can make eating out, buying new foods, and even communicating in another language both easy and safe.

A great one to download is Allergy Food Translator (FT). Whether you’re traveling stateside or overseas, you’ll need to ensure that you eat foods that are safe with your allergy. That’s where the Allergy Food Translator app comes into play. It makes safe food choices easy, even when communication with restaurant staff might be difficult. While the big eight allergies—milk, peanuts, wheat (gluten), eggs, tree nuts, fish, soy, and shellfish—are the most common, there are actually as many as 86 possible food allergies. The Allergy FT app takes all of them into account.

You create a profile for each member of your family that includes any foods that they need to avoid. Then, the app will translate your allergies into French, German or Spanish. This makes it easy to communicate to others that you need to avoid certain food. (More languages are in the works, too.) And if you’re worried about using the service while traveling, don’t be. Allergy FT’s translations are built into the app, so you don’t need to access the internet to use it.

H/T to Forbes.


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