Airport Sherpa: How to get airport food deliveredOn a recent trip to New York City I read a story in the New York Post called “Turn your phone into the perfect travel tool.” One of the apps that caught my attention was called Airport Sherpa, which promises—once it launches—to be the first app to let you order food from an airport restaurant and have it delivered to you at your gate. According to the article, it was supposed to launch June 1 (but hasn’t yet) at Baltimore/Washington International and then roll out to other major airports like LGA and JFK throughout the year.

It’s a brilliant idea and I definitely want to try it—once it launches. For now, when I enter my info I get: “We are working on upgrading website, please try again later.” That should change when it’s up and running later this month. What I know already is that Airport Sherpa will be able to get you food and deliver it to you at the gate, even if it’s from a different terminal. You can order up to one week in advance (your order will be delivered even if your gate changes), and delivery fees start at $3.99. I’m not sure if I believe the promise to deliver “gate to gate walking directions with smart time estimates to ensure you get that tasty bite but never miss your flight because of it.” But I’m hoping!

Airport Sherpa is currently available only on iOS but they say Android is coming soon. We’ll see.

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