Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Fran K., who says:

“I am providing a link to the TSA website indicating conditions under which frozen items may be carried on a plane. The important instruction is that the item must be completely frozen. I usually take a 16oz/500ml bottle containing frozen water. I open it and suck out any liquid water just before I get in the security line. I place it separately in a bin, since it would otherwise require further screening (due to its shape and density. I have encountered questioning about 15% of the time. When that happens, I politely ask if he/she would speak to another agent, who usually agrees with me. When I sense a hostile attitude, I let it go.

It’s nice to have a very cold bottle of water after several hours, or a partially frozen bottle, to which I can add water.”

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2 Comments On "Can You Carry Frozen Items on a Plane?"
  1. Mo|

    This is a great idea for water. I have also brought a variety of frozen meats – Italian salamis from Montreal and the fantastic char sui sold at the Costcos in Hawaii.M

  2. George Keller|

    The one time I had a frozen bottle of water in my bag TSA kept it. I was told ice was not allowed. Thawed or frozen food is acceptable.

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