WaterI drink a lot of water in general, but I drink even more when I fly since I know it’s good for me. However, I had no idea how much exactly was best. Well, the Aerospace Medical Association suggests passengers drink eight ounces of water every hour they’re in the air to prevent dehydration. It’s also good to know that a flight under four hours won’t dehydrate you if you drink just a bit of water, while on longer flights you’ll feel the effects more intensely. A snippet from the write-up:

“Humidity in the cabin is usually low: in the range of 20%. There is no specific risk to your health, but low humidity can cause mild discomfort, particularly dry skin and eye irritation for sensitive people…Drink about 8 ounces of water each hour and use a hydrating nasal spray…Limit consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee and caffeinated drinks because they cause you to lose fluids.”

For more on how much water you should drink on a plane, how to stay hydrated and more, see the full write-up here.

FYI: Alcohol and caffeine don’t count. In fact, both will have the opposite effect so if you want to stay hydrated, stay away from them. I always get an aisle seat since I know I’ll be using the lavatory often and won’t want to disturb my seatmate(s).

H/T to CN Traveler.

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2 Comments On "How Much Water You Should Drink on a Plane"
  1. keith|

    I am going to Australia in a week.
    I have 2 stops in the states before traveling the 15 hours from LA to there.
    The first two is a 2 hour flight, then change to a 4 hour flight, then the big 15 hour long one.
    Can I take fruit /buy fruit at the airport to put in my water on the plane?
    I don’t think I can go through customs with fruit.
    Do planes have bottled water or is it ok to drink if they only have the reserve water ?

  2. John|

    Wait a sec, Eintsein missed an important caveat. Answer above probably OK if you’re traveling from Tuscon or Phoenix, but if you’re from a high humidity area like Pacific NW or have had lots of rain and high humidity prior to flight, should be drinking 16oz per hour. You’ll thank me when you don’t get sick after your flight(s).

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