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If you’re an avgeek, or if you simply want to know which airlines fly which routes out of which cities, is an amazing resource. It’s a simple website that uses Google Maps to display all active routes between destinations or out of a particular airport. For me, it’s really fascinating to see all the routes served by LAX, JFK, DXB, and LHR. lists all the airlines that fly to a given airport, plus how many destinations and countries it serves. For example, London Heathrow (LHR)—the largest airport in United Kingdom—has non-stop passenger flights scheduled to 218 destinations in 82 countries! At present, there are nine domestic flights from London Heathrow.

In addition to that, and to which airlines fly which routes, the site provides other interesting tidbits. For example, the longest flight from London Heathrow is a 9,014-mile (14,507-km) non-stop to Perth, Australia (PER). This direct flight takes around 16 hours and 35 minutes and is operated by Qantas.

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One other way that it’s useful for travelers planning a trip: It lists the alternative airports for each city. For example, the nearest airports to London Heathrow are London City (LCY) and London Gatwick (LGW). There are others in London, too, which you can use to find cheaper flights (see my 17 ways to find cheap flights). And it lists the distance in both miles and kilometers so you can plan your trips better. Here are the five closest airport to London Heathrow and the distance from LHR to each:

  • LCY (London City): 22mi/36km
  • LGW (Gatwick): 25mi/41km
  • LTN (Luton): 28mi/45km
  • STN (Stansted): 41mi/66km
  • SEN (London Southend): 50mi/81km (I’ve never even heard of this airport)

I love how you can see the most popular destinations from each airport and how many flights there are to it every month. The only thing I don’t like about That ads for the premium version keep popping up.


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