We’re back at LEGOLAND California. It’s one of my children’s favorite places to go (they’re 2 and 5) and you can’t blame them since it’s the perfect fun-filled experience for little kids. Here’s my post on our first trip, including details about our stay at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel.

The timing of our visit is great as LEGOLAND is just getting ready to unveil a super cool new attraction.

We were only a few yards away from the new LEGO Ferrari Build & Race attraction when Jake, LEGOLAND’s media relations manager, came to meet us and give us a first-hand preview. He warned us that it wasn’t quite complete but it sure looked like it was ready. They’re just finishing up some of the final touches now and … wow! It looks awesome.

The first thing we saw was the first-ever life-size Ferrari F40 model, which is built with more than 358,000 LEGO pieces and weighs more than 3,000 pounds. The only thing missing was the 470 horsepower though, with the press of a button, it sounds like the engine is installed!

Jake asked my son if he wanted to sit in the driver’s seat and of course, Jack didn’t turn the offer down. While he was in the driver’s seat, Jake said that Jack is the first kid to ever sit in it as the car had just arrived this morning! It was shipped from Europe and is the centerpiece of LEGO Ferrari Build and Race, opening May 12, 2022.

The Ferrari F40 model took a team of designers and builders more than 1,800 hours to develop and more than 1,900 hours to construct the high-performance, ultra-luxury sports car. Resembling the actual F40 Ferrari, the LEGO version is similar in size at 14 feet in length, more than six feet wide, 4 feet tall and a wheelbase at 8 feet. While it’s practically life-size, I couldn’t fit in the driver’s seat so, sorry big kids! This one is for the little ones.

YouTube video

Jake gave us a tour and I filmed it to share an inside peek with you. The LEGO Ferrari Build and Race is for future builders, drivers and enthusiasts, as they too will get a chance to sit inside, take pictures and most of all, be inspired by the life-size LEGO vehicle.

The garage is one of three interactive zones, which also includes the build and test area and digital racetrack for guests to digitally race their own LEGO Ferrari against other cars for the fastest lap. The new attraction places guests in the driver’s seat as they use their creativity and imagination to build, test and race.

Build and Race will be included in the price of admission. For additional information, visit www.LEGOLAND.com or call 760-918-LEGO (5346). 


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