Find a cheap stopover with Air WanderI know a lot of travelers (including me) that like to get the best bang for their buck by adding extra destinations to their trips. That’s one of the benefits of using frequent flyer miles/points. Making a stop can break up a long trip, provide a chance to see family or friends, or let you explore a place you’ve never been or really love.

Finding a cheap stopover hasn’t always been easy, but Air Wander has changed that. Just input your city pairs and then select the dates and whether you want a stopover or not. If you do want to stop, you can choose how many days and watch the search engine do its thing.

I input LAX as my departure city, Rome as my destination and that I wanted to spend one night in a stopover city. An easy-to-read screen came up with dozens of choices from Paris for just $29 or New York City for $100. It even offered small cities like Syracuse (NY) for $146. Surprisingly, it also offered out-of-the-way destinations like Iguazu Falls in Argentina for $960.

You can price out one-way, round-trip or multi-city tickets or a world tour (RTW).

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