@xJonNYC, who is a mysterious airline insider and is usually spot-on about leaking American Airlines information, has just tweeted that Delta is having a mini meltdown because they’ve now canceled at least 75 flights today due to a pilot shortage.

“Hard to tell to what degree— but looks like at least a *mini*meltdown might be in the making: “Delta is short staffed once again. Seat caps are lifted for the next 2 days so passengers off flights that cancel can be re-booked. Flights being authorized to be booked full for Sunday and Monday before going back to seat caps on Tuesday.”

This is unfortunate news for those flying Delta today and tomorrow thinking they will have an empty middle seat next to them because those caps are now being lifted. It’s even worse for those who are having their flights canceled or seats changed.

If you take a look at @Delta’s Twitter feed, you will see a lot of replies to upset passengers like this one a few minutes ago: @_patohara Hi Pat. I am very sorry your seat was changed. There have been cancellations that have caused the seat capacity to be lifted for all flights. Please share your confirmation number, full name, origin, destination, and date of travel through DM using the link below. Kylie

Flight Aware, the live airline flight tracking website, confirms that Delta Air Lines has canceled at least 75 flights for today. It’s only 3% of their daily flights so far but that’s large enough to throw things off so be prepared to have a full flight today and tomorrow. If you booked Delta because of their middle seat blocking policy and have been inconvenienced by this “mini meltdown” I would definitely let them know to get a refund, future flight credit or bonus miles deposited into your account. RELATED: What to Do: Weather Delays and Flight Cancellations


6 Comments On "Delta Cancels 75+ Flights Today: Temporary Unblocking Middle Seats"
  1. Thomas Sieswerda|

    Possibly because of sentiments like mine shown below:

    Delta Airlines: Well Delta, in one week you have managed to piss off ninety percent of your customers. Nice work. First, you announce that you like the new voting law in Georgia. Then after getting bombarded by the Socialists, you do a one-eighty and condemn the law. To make matters worse, the rationale you use is fraudulent. You have not even read the bill. Now, you have pissed off the rest of us. Mr. Woolman and Charlie Dolson are rolling in their graves at the way you have totally screwed up the company. Good luck stewing in your own juices.

  2. Brian|

    Hi see the chase sapphire rewards card info

  3. Thomas bothof|

    Come on people!!! These Irving’s have taken serious beating over the last year. You flew full planes fir decades an now that they are able to fill a few planes you all bitch?? Shut up.

  4. Jay|

    When will companies learn that taking political stands is not part of their scope? It’s a divisive practice that only serves to piss off 45-50% of their potential customers. Do what you do well and you’ll succeed…unlike politics, this concept never changes.

  5. Luther|

    Has anyone looked at Deltas fares for fall travel…..the greed has taken over…
    Their fare prices are 30 to 40 percent higher than pre pandemic prices. They have increased their ever since they recalled all the pilots back to work about a month ago. Total greed….

  6. Anonymous|

    Just do not fly with them.

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