Curbed tires 720x360When parking in California (especially in the beach cities near L.A. and San Francisco), be sure to curb your tires or be prepared to pay a hefty fine. I learned my lesson several years ago when I was slapped with (as I remember it) a $55 fine for not having my car tires curbed in Manhattan Beach (it’s near LAX).

According to the city’s website: “For the safety of residents and their property, and pursuant to state and local laws, vehicles parked on a grade exceeding 3% must curb their tires.” Hermosa PD has warned the same. Basically, when parking downhill, you turn your front wheels into the curb and when you’re parking uphill you turn them away from the curb. Below is a graphic courtesy of the City of Manhattan Beach.

Curb your tires in California (Credit: City of Manhattan Beach)
Curb your tires in California (Credit: City of Manhattan Beach)

Of course, these laws aren’t limited to California, so it’s a good idea to curb your tires on hills in most places. Even more importantly, if you’ll be driving in a new place, make sure you know the local driving laws.




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  1. Benesse|

    Curbing your tires is a good practice whether it’s required or not. Make it a habit.

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