Artist rendering of Crystal River Cruises' new vessel  (Credit: Crystal River Cruises)
Artist rendering of Crystal River Cruises’ new vessel (Credit: Crystal River Cruises)

Crystal River Cruises has unveiled a new type of vessel that looks like a yacht from the outside with larger accommodations inside. The ultra-luxury cruise line’s new vessel, built by German shipyard Lloyd Werft, plans to set sail in Europe in late March 2017.

The ship will still have the company’s signature all-inclusive, six-star service, but the itineraries it will serve will be spiced up a bit, and the look and feel of the ship experience will change. The new Crystal River Cruises ship will have 70 suites and feature two 500 square-foot penthouse suites and 250-square-foot guest rooms with king sized beds and walk-in closets.

Inside a Crystal River Cruise suite
Inside a Crystal River Cruise suite

River cruising: still growing
The river cruising boom is certainly continuing, and Crystal River Cruises is just one example. You know those of us at Johnny Jet enjoy going on river cruises, as gleaned from recent posts here, here and here. We like the unique experience that we are offered. River cruises allow travelers to more completely immerse themselves in the destinations visited, while maintaining the convenience of keeping their belongings on the ship and not worrying about transportation. Plus, the views from a river cruise show cities from a unique vantage point.

“The beauty of river cruising is not only that travelers enjoy close-up access to more fascinating inland locales, but also that the rivers themselves are coveted destinations that shouldn’t be overlooked,” says Crystal President and CEO Edie Rodriguez. “Our guests will have the opportunity to revel in the unique environment that sets river cruising apart from other travel experiences.”

While the updated itineraries aren’t out yet, the cruise line says it will sail along the rivers in central Europe, including in France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, and Bulgaria. Prices and itineraries will be announced by December 1, 2015.

For more details, check out or call 888-799-4625.

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