Blogger Contest: Scenic CruiseThis past summer I went on a spectacular river cruise along the Danube with Scenic Cruises. I always thought river cruising was for old people but now I know just how wrong I was. I had an amazing time starting out in Budapest and ended up in Regensburg, near Munich. I visited four countries along the way: Hungary, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. I could have added one more, Czech Republic, if I had chosen a different excursion. What’s amazing about Scenic Cruises is that all of their excursions are INCLUDED for all passengers. Oh, and did I mention that they have electric bikes? No other river cruise company offers this and it makes a huge difference going up hills. Here’s my story about my river cruise with Scenic Cruises.

As you can see from the photos, I had an amazing time. Now, guess what? Scenic Cruises has teamed up with to offer an eight-day European River Cruise for two as the prize for a blogger contest!

How to enter:
To enter to win, all you have to do is write a 500-word blog post (please don’t exceed the word limit) in English on 5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise with Scenic Cruises. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been before or not.

Enter in three easy steps:
-Write a 500-word blog post entitled ‘5 Reasons to Take a River Cruise with Scenic Cruises’ (blog post can be fewer than 500 words but not more)
-Publish your post on your blog
-Tweet your post, using the hashtag #MyScenicCruise and Cc @JohnnyJet and @ScenicCruisesUS. Then email your entry to
-Entries will be judged on creativity, ability to inspire interest in Scenic Cruises and clarity of writing.

Fine print:

  • Entries must be received by midnight October 30, 2013 PDST with the winner to be notified within seven business days.
  • Travel must commence by September 24, 2014.
  • Contest is open to U.S.residents only.
  • Winning blogger agrees to write a minimum of two posts for their own blog about their Scenic Cruise, plus additional social media posts such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. Details to be confirmed once a winner is selected.
  • Runner-up gets a $500 in Visa gift certificates.

Here are ALL of the official rules.

Ready to enter? Get writing and good luck!

23 Comments On "Blogger Contest: Win a European Scenic Cruise for Two"
  1. Juliann|

    Wow! Sounds awesome! I’ll have to start drafting something to enter.

  2. Nancy Reid|

    Oh boy, this is one day I wish I had a blog! I’m an old person who has a river cruise on my
    bucket list! LOL I’m going to share this with @alywalansky If she wins maybe she will take me!

  3. Thomas Barrett|

    Wow. Looks like it’s open worldwide!

    1. Johnny Jet|

      It’s only open to U.S. Residents

  4. BlondeBrunetteTravel|

    This has been floating around in my mind with an exclamation point since we spoke at TBEX. My sister has reminded me approximately 1,457 times (but who’s counting) to enter so better get to work on my entry. Oh dear – went over 500 words in mere enthusiasm!

  5. BlondeBrunetteTravel|

    Writing our entry for this contest was an excellent way to continue to avoid unpacking all of the boxes from my recent move! It was great to see you and Natalie at TBEX John and I’m working on convincing my sister to go to Malaysia and get burned with cigars to get rid of her asthma! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      ;-) Great to see you too and good luck!

  6. Roni Faida (@RoniFaida)|

    Thanks so much for this opportunity! I’ve got my thinking cap on…

  7. TieiraRyder|

    Hmmm just may do this sounds fun! Will have something up by the 30th!

  8. Rachel Blackney|

    I would love to do this! But it seems that airfare is not included so that makes it tough. I love this idea though.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Airfare is not included

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Competition ends Oct 30!

  9. Jane Schwalm|

    I’ve already written and published about scenic river cruising on my blog. Can I just link it to you or do I need to do another one?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Good question. To play it safe just create another post with five reasons and then tweet it.

  10. bitt|

    hi..drop by here…came from Malaysia…
    wow awesome contest…

  11. BlondeBrunetteTravel|

    When will you announce the winner (she asked anxiously yet hopefully)?

    1. Johnny Jet|


      1. Diana|

        Did I miss the announcement? Who are the lucky people?

        1. Johnny Jet|

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