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Many military families know USAA for their banking and insurance products. If you use USAA for these services, then getting the best USAA credit card is ideal. They also offer several rewards cards that can help you earn cash or travel rewards.

Overall, the best USAA credit cards are for earning bonus points on your daily purchases and redeeming them for cash rewards. With some cards, it’s possible to redeem them for airline flights. However, you won’t get a travel redemption bonus like some of the best travel reward credit cards offer.

Similar to some of the best Marriott credit cards, USAA issues a handful of credit cards through both Visa and American Express. Each card offers bonus points on different purchases. You may also have to decide if you want a card that lets you redeem your points for travel and cash rewards or only cash rewards.

None of the USAA credit cards charge an annual fee or foreign transaction fee, making it one of the best credit cards for international travel. If you don’t like the standard card design, you can also pick a custom military affiliate design of your choice.

Best USAA Credit Card from American Express

The USAA® Rewards™ American Express® Card doesn’t charge an annual fee or foreign transaction fee. You will also earn rewards points on these purchases:

  • 3x points for dining out
  • 2x points for gas and groceries
  • 1x point on all remaining purchases

Your points don’t expire and you can redeem them for airline flights, gift cards, and cash rewards.

USAA gives you 2,500 bonus points on your first purchase. This is a $25 value for cash or airline travel rewards.

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Best Visa USAA Credit Card

You will need to decide if you prefer flat-rate rewards or tiered purchase rewards as it depends on your spending habits. Unless gas stations and restaurants are your two largest monthly expenses, choosing the flat-rate rewards credit card can be the better option.

Preferred Cash Rewards Visa Signature

The USAA® Preferred Cash Rewards Visa Signature® Card earns unlimited 1.5% back on every purchase. But you can only redeem your points for cash rewards.

USAA’s other Visa cash rewards credit card, the USAA® Rewards™ Visa Signature® Card, only earns 2x points at restaurants and gas stations plus 1x points on all other purchases. You may have a slightly lower earning potential but you can redeem your points for cash or travel rewards. This card also comes with 2,500 bonus points after you make your first purchase.

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Best USAA Credit Card for Living on Base

If you live on a military base or shop at their commissary or exchange, the USAA® Cashback Rewards Plus American Express® Card is a good fit for these purchase reward categories:

  • 5% back on the first $3,000 gas and military base purchases annually on these categories combined
  • 2% back on the first $3,000 spent at supermarkets
  • 1% back on all remaining purchases

This card has warranty protection, no foreign transaction fees, and comes with rental car protection.

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Can You Join USAA?

USAA is free to join, but membership is restricted to the following:

  • Active military
  • Former military
  • Eligible family members of active or former military members
  • Cadets or midshipmen

If you don’t have an immediate connection to the U.S. military, you won’t be able to get a USAA credit card. That means you can get one from another bank instead.

Summary on Best USAA Credit Cards

If you qualify for USAA membership, their credit cards can be a good match if you want a cash rewards card without an annual fee or foreign transaction. However, you can find other cash and travel rewards cards with more robust rewards programs.

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