This might be the best stain removal kit for travelers

When I travel, I’m like a mini CVS store. I always have a whole medical emergency kit with me, and beyond that, I carry all kinds of little gadgets, from universal electrical adapters to Tide stain remover sticks. The stain remover stick is a particularly handy one. But the Tide stick isn’t strong or good enough for every stain. So what can you to prepare for stains it can’t handle?

One option, I know now, is to get a Madame Paulette’s Stain Removal Kit. I first learned about this professional stain removal kit while attending a Forbes travel guide event in Beverly Hills (they gave Madame Paulette’s Stain Removal Kits to everyone who attended). I’d never heard of the company at that point. But it turns out that Madame Paulette’s is quite popular and has been in business for over 60 years. It’s a family-owned business, and it’s based in New York City.

Each kit comes as a pack of five anti-stain treatments and sells for $29.99. According to the website, “The Stain Kit can remove almost any type of stain, anytime, anywhere!” To use it to remove a stain, you just need to follow three steps. Again, per the website (written from the perspective of Madame Paulette):

  1. Super Absorbent Cloth: A Super Absorbent Cloth is placed under the stained area of your garment and will absorb all the stain matter which is essential.
  2. Special Stain Formula: I created the most effective Stain Removal Formula, which will breakdown the composition of most all stains and allow it to transfer into the Super Absorbent Cloth.
  3. Special Rinse Formula: This Special Rinse Formula will aid in removing any remaining stain matter and / or special stain formula from fabric, leaving no residue so that when it dries you will never know the stain was ever there.”

The kit has been featured on Rachael Ray and The Dr. Oz Show. Especially if you travel with young kids as I do with Jack, it’s a good thing to have in your bag!

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