Busy Bee (2413 S Walker Ave; 310-832-8660) arguably makes the best hot sandwiches in Los Angeles, if not the planet (I know the one above is cold but that’s because the hot ones don’t photograph well). It’s only a couple of miles from the port of Los Angeles so it’s a perfect place for cruise-goers to stop before departing.

The hole-in-the-wall market is located in San Pedro (pronounced Pee-dro), California, in a residential neighborhood on the corner of 24th Street and Walker Avenue. Note: There’s not a lot of parking and there’s always a long line no matter what time of day you go.

The good news is the line moves quickly (you should be in and out within 20 minutes). And since the line moves fast, you should be sure to know what you want by the time you get to the counter. The guys making the sandwiches don’t like to wait around. Here’s the menu (note that the prices are not accurate). Pro Tip: If you do know what you want, order ahead by calling and then go straight to the pickup lane on the far right of the deli counter.

You have to get one of their hot sandwiches even though they’re super messy (ask for extra napkins). I usually get the BBQ chicken ($12.75) without skin, with cheese (provolone) and (tomato) sauce. They also put pepperoncinis on the side of all sandwiches. When I’m really hungry, I get the Belly Buster ($15.75), which is any two meat combinations. The BBQ chicken and meatballs is so good but you’ll definitely need a nap after throwing that thing down.

I’ve been going to this deli for over 25 years and the only things that have changed are the prices, the line (it keeps getting longer), the cashier (the owner’s son is now manning the register), and my belly.

Cash only. Closed on Sundays. Everything is to-go.

Also: There’s nowhere to eat at the market so I highly recommend you drive 6.7 miles (directions) to the Point Vicente Lighthouse in Rancho Palos Verdes (photo above) and eat on one of the picnic tables. Or, drive 1.5 miles to the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro (directions).

Have you been to Busy Bee? What do you think? Great, right?


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  1. Ruben L. Corral|

    thanks for the 411. Not to be forgotten, Johnny’s Pastrami in Culver City and Eastside Market in Echo Park, but closer to the intersectio of Sunset and Figueroa. Great eats too, I will address two more—Pasadena Sandwich Company and Belly Buster in Alhambra….

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