Thanks to Norwegian company JetKids for sending me what they call the ultimate travel gadget for children up to seven years of age. The BedBox is described as “your child’s hand luggage, ride-on suitcase (age 3+) and inflight bed/leg-rest, all in one.”

Do you remember my tip about how adults can turn a bulkhead/exit row seat into a first class experience by bringing their carry-on down and putting a pillow on it—making it a comfortable leg rest? This is a similar idea but it’s for kids and it’s a lot cushier.

The BedBox is premium hand luggage that turns into a ride-on suitcase designed to make the travel experience better and more comfortable for kids.

It’s illegal for kids (and adults) to sleep on the floor, but of course they don’t always understand that since it’s more comfortable then regular coach seat. That’s where the BedBox comes in. Giving your child the option to lie down fully stretched out—or use it as a legrest when they are older—means they can still use the seatbelt and get some sleep. As a parent, it means you can sit back, enjoy your in-flight meal and watch a movie undisturbed. And other passengers don’t have to hear a screaming or whining child. (The bed/legrest feature should only be used after takeoff and before landing.)

What’s great about the BedBox is that it’s sleek, fun and useful. The suitcase measures 19.5″ x 8″ x 15″ so it fits easily in the overhead bin and under some seats. The interior can hold 5.2 gallons but just over half the space is taken up by a cushion that will be later rolled into a bed.

Regarding whether it’s allowed on planes, here’s what the company says (yes, in short): “The FAA (US), EASA (Europe) and CASA (Australia), all base their regulations on ICAO guidelines so that most of the regulations are standardized. Placing a BedBox® in front of the seat to make up a comfortable seating is not a violation of these standard International guidelines and practices, as long as its limitations are respected. These limitations also applies to other products like e.g. FlyeBaby, which is a very popular product for the smallest infants, as well as most baby bassinets which is provided by some airlines.”


Here’s how to use the BedBox:

How to use the BedBox


  • The child’s head should be placed on the seat, and their legs towards the seat in front. It is always recommended to use the seat belt even when the sign is off.
  • The BedBox can be secured to the bar under the seat by wrapping the strap around the bar and then tightening the strap.
  • For more questions, photos and where to buy ($199 with free shipping) see their FAQ page.

This video might help, too.

FYI: Singapore Airlines refers to it on their Traveling With Children page:
“Travel gadgets that convert into leg rests or inflight beds for children may be used on board our flights as long as the instructions for use set by the manufacturer(s) are followed.

For your child’s safety, these convertible inflight beds may only be used at the window seats or the middle seat between the aisles. Your child must also be able to fasten the seatbelt under his or her arm when using the inflight bed. If your child is under two years of age, he or she must be removed from the convertible inflight bed, and secured with an infant seatbelt whenever the seatbelt sign is switched on.

To ensure safe use of convertible inflight beds for children, they:

  • Must be packed and securely stowed in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front during taxi, take-off and landing
  • Cannot be used at the emergency exit rows
  • Must not interfere with or prevent the seat in front from reclining
  • Must not damage the aircraft seat if they need to be attached to any part of the seat
  • Cannot be combined so as to allow two or more convertible inflight beds to occupy several seats, as shown.

The convertible inflight bed should not exceed a total dimension of 115cm (when the length, width and height of the fully deployed bed is combined), and will be counted as part of your cabin baggage allowance.”

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