Know your bank travel policy before traveling inside the U.S.
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Each Friday, we feature a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader Doris M. of San Bruno, CA, who offers a tip for domestic travelers with debit and/or credit cards:

“We all know to notify our credit card companies when traveling abroad but none of my cards worked when shopping across the country in NYC. Fortunately we were able to contact one company who cleared the card so we could finish our transaction.”

I haven’t run into this problem myself, but every bank travel policy is different (here’s a guide to setting travel alerts with some of the big banks). If you’ve never traveled with your card before, it can’t hurt to get in touch to learn the details of the ban travel policy for sure. Getting stuck without a working card is no fun, no matter where you’re traveling. Thanks, Doris!

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  1. Elliot Leventhal|

    I spend a lot of time overseas and regardless of notifications to my credit card company of my travel, they send verification notifications to my phone number or email for large purchases. When traveling we don’t always have immediate access to these accounts. These has happened several times.

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