Andre, a great flight attendant!
Andre, a great flight attendant!

I got upgraded on my LAX-BOS flight this week, which was operated by American Airlines and flown on an A321S. The premium product doesn’t even come close to the premium product on American’s A321T planes, but it’s always nice to have the extra space to work and watch movies. I also had one of my best American Airlines flight attendants ever, Andre. He wasn’t overly friendly until I made friends with him at the end of the flight, but every step of the way, he went the extra mile and took visible pride in his work. For example:

  • First, he placed an American flag on the bulkhead wall so it wasn’t just some sterile wall. He told me he places it there on all of his flights.
An American flag on the bulkhead wall
An American flag on the bulkhead wall
  • When I went to use the first-class lavatory, I was shocked to see and smell a fragrant (unlit) Yankee Candle, two air fresheners, hand lotion, and hand sanitizer. This was way better than the nasty pungent smell I usually find in the lavs and the blah hand soap that American offers.
In the lavatory
In the lavatory
  • When it came time to serve food, Andre donned a fun apron that had mostly Los Angeles sports team pins all over it, including one for UCLA.
  • He also frequently walked up and down the dark aisle (it was an evening flight) with a flashlight to see if anyone needed anything.

I wish all of American’s flight attendants were like this. The only thing Andre didn’t do was serve a pre-takeoff drink, but he gets a pass. Thanks, Andre!

Have you had a great, memorable flight attendant on a recent flight? Share your story in the comments below!


6 Comments On "Andre: A Great Flight Attendant on My LAX-BOS American Airlines Flight"
  1. Matt|

    Hi Johnny,
    I am in Brisbane Australia.
    I am not a regular flyer but I follow you thru Leo LaPorte and look fwd to and enjoy your every spot on the show.
    For the First time in a number of years my wife and I are returning to the Usa for a 5 week visit.I`d be interested to know of any good (JJ STD) budget MOTELS / HOTELS in
    New York and around the sacramento and Vegas areas.
    Thanks and regards, Matman
    ps love your upgrade tips, gonna try `em out tomorrow when we leave lol…

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Thanks for the kind words. I don’t know any in Sacramento and I know Vegas has a bunch in the old Vegas strip but I’m not sure which ones. NYC in the summer should be some good rates since business travelers are off. But after Sept 5 they will go up again

  2. Maureen Kennedy|

    My shout out: to Aegean airlines’ flight attendants. I fly Aegean several times every year. Every flight, butts are buckled in seats and carry-ons stashed (or checked) super-fast. And this is GREECE (my husband is Greek). Not only do the attendants help stash carry-ons, I’ve also seen them hold infants so Moms could use the lav before boarding is completed. And on the 40 minute Athens-Chania puddle jumper, unless there is turbulence everyone gets a beverage/snack, and even if the bev service has to be closed, they will hand out snacks to every last person. I really wish they would extend their routes to North America!!!

    Second shout out (and way overdue): Austrian. Great flight attendant in first class YYZ-VIE last Spring who made my husband and I feel like we were actual guests instead of passengers.

    And your post is a good reminder: being a FA is a tough job and the ones that go above and beyond are few. Zap an email to the airline when you get good service, naming the person, and make their day – you never know when you might get them again, and what goes around comes around….

  3. Anonymous|

    Some of things you shared could get the flight attendant fired please be careful what you post

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Like what?

  4. jay NaPier|

    IMH traveled researcher and my wife is a travel agent. We so appreciate your comments about Andre. They’re just not enough great people that would hang an American flag like that. They should though considering it’s a a a.k.a. American airlines

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