Yesterday, Friday 13th, American Airlines (@AmericanAir) tweeted: “All the stars! We’ve been named a Five Star Global Airline by ⁦‪@theAPEXassoc⁩ — ratings are based on feedback by more than one million customers in five categories: seat comfort, cabin service, food and beverage, entertainment and Wi-Fi. Way to go #AATeam!”

I’m not trying to be mean but come on … yesterday, was Friday the 13th not April 1st. I couldn’t bite my lip on this one and had to reply because anyone who has ever flown AA knows this must be a scam of a survey.

I’m not knocking American Airlines for publicizing the survey results but they should know better, that there is no way this is true. I understand many surveys are biased but this one takes the cake. The Apex organization just lost a lot of credibility because when someone makes a claim as crazy as this, then you know you can’t trust them.

I fly American Airlines all the time and I can tell you there’s not a chance any passenger would give it 5 stars unless the ranking was out of 10 stars. I’m not saying this to be mean, it’s just a fact. Have I had 5-star experiences on American Airlines? Absolutely.

But it’s only when I fly on one of the carrier’s lie-flat seats and use their Flagship Lounge.

The WiFi is fantastic on some of the planes (the ones with Viasat) but it’s terrible on the ones (like the 777) that use Panasonic.

The entertainment is solid but the flight attendants are hit and miss and sadly, usually the latter. Most don’t even greet you when you step on the plane and I can’t really blame them since they don’t get paid until the door closes and the plane pushes back from the gate.

I do enjoy flying American Airlines between LAX and Miami on their 777s and I’ve done it over a half a dozen times this summer. I also like AA’s LAX to JFK on their A321Ts when I’m sitting in business or first.
But sadly no American carrier can compete with popular Asian, Middle East and some European airlines when it comes to five stars. Do you agree?

11 Comments On "American Airlines was Just Awarded 5 Stars by Apex - What a Joke!"
  1. Tripp|

    I agree with your comments JJ. I fly AA exclusively for business and do fly other carriers as well and I have to say there is room for improvement. The FA’s are hit and miss unfortunately as you note. The gate agents have been great however I must say. There was a time when American was a premier airline but those times are gone for now. Their mileage expiration policy is not customer friendly compared to United’s latest announcement about their no expiration of mileage policy. I also wish they would pay more attention to their seat cushions as I have been on many flights where replacement is needed desperately. Apex’s rating does devalue their credibility for me as well. The rating criteria must have been very low bar. Probably the first rung of a 20 foot ladder.

  2. Gala|

    Absolutely surreal. Was about to ask if it was actually April Fool’s. Kind of like how my city (Toronto) was named “Best Transit System in North America” in 2017. An absolute JOKE. We all laughed!

  3. david sterman|

    I have had a series of lousy flights in AA in recent years, but on a trip this week back to the U.S. from Madrid, it was a far better experience. Kind of like how AA used to be two decades ago, when it was a first-class airline. Friendly staff, reasonable legroom, solid entertainment system, easy boarding. Maybe it was a fluke. Or maybe their international flights are better than the domestic ones. But I’ll surely give them another try after this experience. Also, the mileage awards seats seem to be more abundant and easier to book direct flights than before.

  4. SF Dee|

    Unbelievable. Apex just lost all credibility in my book. I’ve had better service in economy on British Airways than I ever had flying in business or first class on American Airlines.

  5. Patrick Berg|

    Must say I agree with you Johnny. AA service is hit and miss. Seating is not the best in my opinion and the flight attendant service could be improved 110%.
    Perhaps I’ve been spoiled. Travelled to Ireland a few times on their nation carrier and the whole experience is top notch each time. Almost as if it’s a joy for them to have you on board with them. ☘️??

  6. Robert|

    This is the biggest laugh riot I have ever heard. It would be more in line, at maybe ONE Star—questionable.

  7. c|

    The only comment I would take issue with is regarding the Flight Attendants. As a retired Flight Attendant for a major competitor for 33 years I want to clarify Flight Attendants have never been paid until the door closes. That is no excuse to not greet passengers as they arrive and be polite on the airplane. If they don’t like the job there are plenty of others they can choose other than this line of work.

  8. nolan lerner|

    Just flew AA PBI to DCA business class. Seats were equivalent to Jet Blue coach. We were served chocolate chip snacks as well as other unhealthy choices. No fruit available. No FA greeting. Flew exit row from DCA to PBI – there was more leg room than business class. Agreed AA is no 5 star.

  9. Tom Z|

    Totally agree, absolute farce!
    I’ve been flying HPN/JFK to MRY for 20yrs.,
    both as a non-rev and lately as a paying pax. (Grand Dad visits)
    Yrs ago NYC-LAX-MRY good skds.and good service.
    Lately HPN-ORD/CLT-PHX-MRY or JFK-PHX-MRY many
    miss connects, poor service, etc.
    How about a Black Star rating?

  10. JPAnke|

    Years ago when I flew several times each week, AA was one of my faves (along with Northwest for Asian flights). Now I wouldn’t touch AA with a 10 foot pole, even if the fare was amazing. Ah, for the old days when all classes in AA were treated at least with some care, and we frequent fliers were treasured for our loyalty and spending….

  11. David H|

    Hi Johnny, I concur with your opinion. I fly internationally typically one a month. On AA a few times per year, but far more often on Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Emirates. This week on Qatar. Anyone who rates AA at 5/5 obviously has never flown any of these premium carriers. Especially Qatar’s new business suites – OMG, these rule the sky!!

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