Virgin America's "nerd bird" A320 (Photo: Virgin America)
Virgin America’s “nerd bird” A320 (Photo: Virgin America)

Can you believe that people waste an average of more than six hours planning a flight nowadays? Sounds ridiculous, right?

About a week ago, we discussed tips for flying to Vegas on the cheap from FLYR—a company that uses data science to predict and find the best airfare—and this week FLYR brings us more helpful tips, this time for booking cheaper domestic fights:

    1. The best time to buy cheap flights (roundtrip) is about 85 days before you plan to leave.
    2. Try to book before the 14-day and 21-day cutoff windows. Flight purchases booked less than three weeks in advance increase by about 34%. Flight purchases less than two weeks before travel increase an additional 14% on top of that.
    3. A fact more well known but worth repeating is that prices vary greatly between weekend and weekday flights. Even extended weekend trips are just more costly due to higher demand.
    4. The “FLYR fare calendar” we’ve pasted below shows predicted fare movements by day. Click to enlarge the image below and aim to book your domestic departure on the dates marked with green. The red days are the most expensive days.
      Fare calendar
    5. Try FLYR as a helpful tool the next time you need to book a cheap flight. They even have a “FareKeep tool” that locks in the current price for seven days for around $3.


Here’s hoping everyone that reads this will not be spending an extra six hours planning their next flights.

Check out all of FLYR’s tips here to find US domestic flights at good prices and hot deals this time of year like ORD-PHL, CLE-MCO and PHL-ORD at around 50% below average.


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  1. Shannon|

    Did I miss something? Can’t see the FLYR table you’re referencing in the article.

    1. Ian Livingston|

      It’s between tips 4 and 5. Click to enlarge!

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