Cromwell Las Vegas pool scene and view (Photo: Caitlin Martin)
Cromwell Las Vegas pool scene and view (Photo: Caitlin Martin)

Going to Las Vegas anytime in the near future? Before you go, check out this useful information from the FLYR research team—a guide (just released) to finding the best deals to Las Vegas. FLYR says that the average fare to Las Vegas goes up 28 times and down 25 times in the 180 days before departure. This means chances are the price of your flight will likely change once every three-and-a-half days!

The research team offers the following information and tips to help you get the best bang for your buck on flights to Las Vegas:

  1. Weekend flights to Vegas are typically much higher—so much higher that oftentimes they are three times higher than weekday fares. (Meaning, staying an extra day could be the best decision you make while in Las Vegas!)
  2. Expect to pay 35% more if you book less than three weeks in advance (versus booking before the three weeks). If you book less than two weeks in advance, expect to pay 15% more on top of that. (So, try to get your plan together about a month in advance!)
  3. If historical data is correct, the best time to buy a cheap roundtrip ticket to Vegas is 74 days before the trip.


On the FLYR website, they show off this super cool, color-coded map pasted below that showcases the movement of fares from now until the end of this year. Look at a date in dark green and FLYR says you maximize your chances of getting a great deal on your flight for most return dates.




Check out their guide here for more money-saving tips and hot deals to Las Vegas including a LAX roundtrip for $75 and a one-way fare from Long Beach for $33.

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