If you’ve been following this space for a while, then you know I married a Canadian in 2012 (here are our wedding photos). Prior to the pandemic, we traveled to Toronto at least four times a year to see family and friends. The border has now been closed for 18 months and we kept thinking we would go the day they finally opened it up to Americans, without requiring quarantine.

That day is coming in just over a week, on August 9 (here’s what you need to know), but sadly we’re not going. Here’s why:

1. The Delta variant
Without a doubt, the Delta variant has put a kibosh on our summer plans. Once the pandemic started, we waited over a year to travel as a family by air and our first flight (LAX-JFK) was in early June to see family in Connecticut. Here’s my trip report. We had a fantastic trip and we were so relieved that our daughter did so well on her first ever plane ride that we started booking more flights. But unfortunately, the Delta variant started spreading like wildfire so we canceled our plans. One of our many trips was supposed to be to Toronto but it’s not going to happen since we have two little unvaccinated kids.

2. Canadian airports will be a zoo
Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) and other major Canadian airports are going to be packed on August 9 and for the first couple weeks afterwards, with family, friends and colleagues ready to reconnect after so many months apart. I recently wrote that if you thought the LHR airport arrivals scene in the hit movie Love Actually was emotional, wait until the day the US/Canadian border opens. However, YYZ and others are going to be a zoo. There are already reports saying that passengers complain of overcrowding and utter chaos at Toronto’s Pearson airport. YYZ is getting progressively busier, much to the dismay of those eager to get away from Toronto for the first time in many months.

3. Canadian Customs and Border Services set to strike
If YYZ wasn’t bad enough on a normal day, it could be much worse, starting on August 6. That’s because, according to Travel Industry Today, “more than 8,500 unionized staff with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) have given their union an overwhelming strike mandate, throwing into question the federal government’s plans for a smooth reopening of the Canada-US border this summer as a federal election looms. CBSA employees could potentially begin strike action.” If this strike happens, watch out and it’s all Canadian airports not just YYZ.

4. Toronto Pearson Airport scraps decision to separate arrivals by vaccination status
No one wants to be jam-packed in slow immigration lines at any time but especially not during a pandemic. Toronto Pearson announced last week that they had started to separate vaccinated and partially/non vaccinated travelers in customs lines, which was a great idea. But unfortunately, they scrapped the idea and a statement from the airport read: “As such, the practice will be ceased as of July 26, 2021, with entry requirements based on vaccination status being enforced once a passenger reaches CSBA.” (via CTV News)

5. It’s going to be expensive
Just like the USA, Canada is requiring all travelers entering Canada to produce a negative COVID-19 test from the last 72 hours. It’s similar to the United States’ plan, except Canada’s requires a PCR test, which costs a lot more than an antigen test. It could cost well over $100 per person to get tested and then you have to worry about the test coming back positive. You can’t leave right away so you will need to let the virus run its course while in a foreign country. Not fun.

Listen, no one wants to go to Canada more than my wife but she says she’s not putting our kids at risk. I want to go too, and especially after watching some clips from last night’s Blue Jays vs Kansas City Royals game. The game made me want to go even more. It was the first game they’d played in Toronto in 670 days!

How about you? Are you going to Canada soon?

285 Comments On "5 Reasons I’m Not Going to Canada When the Border Opens And Why You Might Want to Reconsider Too"
  1. Daniel|

    So 2 reasons that relate to Canada?

    1. Tammy Wight|

      I live in Canada. The Delta virus is emerging here and thank you for your level headedness. Not everyone thinks the same. I realize being cooped up for 2 years is no fun but my mom is a retired icu nurse and a ventilator is way worse.
      Toronto isn’t a hot spot like it was but there are other places in Canada that are finding the Delta variant.
      If you come to Canada please respect the humans around you. That’s all we’ve been asking. The fighting in the airports isn’t necessary but as I said we’ve been separated from travel for 2 years.
      I have a loved one I want to see. I’m not rushing him here to get sick.
      Thank you.

      1. Karen|

        I totally agree with keeping the border closed longer but the government doesn’t listen for their own reasons. We should get this delta variant under control first and see where things go. We have been somewhat closed for how long now so what is the big rush. Elections and wanting the votes rather than keeping us all safe. Even the States are holding off longer so whats our rush. Just don’t understand their reasoning. Isn’t Canada supposedly about putting people first. They sure aren’t listening.

      2. Eddie Vautour|

        I agree. You are one of the wise ones. I appreciate your choice to wait. Our country is not going anywhere and you are right all the way through. Thank you LETS GO BLUE JAYS

      3. Johnny|

        FYI we are having less cases here than they are in the United States and we are more vaccinated than they are as well it’s safer in Canada… thanks very much…

    2. Anonymous|

      What a joke. I rather be in Canada than your country.

      1. Diane Bellesen|

        While this person may not be completely up to date with their facts about testing (many facts change daily or weekly), they are not idiots and are just expressing their feelings about travelling to Canada right now. I would be cautious as well, if I lived in the states and for this reason don’t want to fly to the US at this point. Packed airports, new highly contagious strains of COVID, and fear of have to be stuck if I catch it. So let’s be kind people and accept he isn’t slagging Canada, he’s just fearful of all the consequences right now.

      2. Anonymous|

        I agree!

      3. Linda|

        Be assured that as a Canadian who has had both vaccines, I think Americans should remain in the USA. COVID is rampant. Most Republicans who refuse vaccines are spreading it to your most vulnerable. Stay in your badass country and we will stay in our compassionate Canada. The only province that I will never enter in Canada is Alberta which is controlled by crazed Conservatives. Go to Alberta to visit☮️☮️????

        1. James Kovalsky|

          Fuck you libtard bitch

          1. Jojo|

            Ha!!!’love it! “Protect my children “..from what exactly? A virus that doesn’t affect theirs healthy immune systems? Well, after putting children through classes with masks (6 to 8 hours a day) and keeping them from their peers destroying their mental health, their immune systems are weak now. Your children should be protected from you and your virtue signaling. Hopeful your kids have more brains than you and will refuse the quaxx, fauci ouchie, poisonous jab, whatever you call it. And if you FORCE them to get it your are a cretin and should never have been allowed to have children. If you’ve already poisoned them…there is a very special place in hell. If you force them you’re an abusive parent, should have your children taken away and fully prosecuted and incarcerated…and sterilized. IMHO

          2. Liam|

            Eat my asshole you redneck cunt.

          3. Deuce|

            Exactly – well said

          4. Daniel|

            Sorry, James but there’s not an option for me to respond directly to that fucktard- Jojo, so I’m using you as a proxy. ? JoJo- I’m guessing you live in a trailer park, support Trump, are a flat-earther, breathe out of your mouth and drag your knuckles on the ground when you walk. People like you are the reason there’s so much hate in the world. You’re an idiot and a degenerate. Keep your hate to yourself!

        2. William|

          I live in Alberta, didn’t vote UCP and completely disagree with everything they’re doing. But I’m painted with the same brush as these crazies. I don’t know what happened to our Province but keep in mind, we definitely are not all like that. In fact, the majority will never vote UCP again!

          1. W|

            Sorry but the UCP is way better than The Notley NDP’s who basically shut down Alberta Coal and align themselves with the crooked PM. Remember how Notley was so against the Stampede? The NDP had over 14 events going there. The people I communicate with will keep UCP in power and not let the Socialist NDP get back in.

          2. Jack|

            Nice try dipper! I live in Alberta too and we are doing quite fine. But hey you stay in your basement for another year preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

        3. Larry Wilke|

          Your comment about Alberta adds nothing to the story. I may not agree with Jason Kenny’s policies but that won’t stop me from going to Alberta. I’ve always felt welcome there by people of all political strengths. Canada can be stronger and better through diversity; however resorting to name-calling does not lead to strength. I believe covid-19 and variants are dangerous. That said it has been battled for 20 months. It’s not going away. All people have to be personally responsible to fo their part. At times government has to step in and other times relax. What is the responsibility of each individual?
          The 5 reasons have nothing to do with the Conservatives in Alberta.

          1. Jack|

            Well said!

        4. JazmineS|

          Oh look another middle age, lonely Trudeau fan girl. Linda is the new Karen. Trust me Linda, we don’t want you in Alberta. Go check on your cats.

          1. Deuce|

            Now – that’s funny.

        5. Zada|

          What are you talking about that covid is rampant??? If so many people have been vaccinated and you still consider this rampant I’d say the vaccine ain’t workin. It’s NOWHERE near as bad as it was before vaccines. Plus I think the Alberta premier is the only guy with a head on his shoulders. Let’s move there.

          1. Jack|

            Agree! My only concern is the borders opening up. Personally I believe that we should create a north America bubble until the other countries have a better handle on vaccinations. Maybe it will help us become more reliant on each other rather than countries like China. You know the good old days!

        6. Anonymous|

          People like you should pull your head out of the sand

        7. James|

          You sound like a narrow minded cow.

        8. Sue|

          Thanks Linda! I totally agree with you. Not to mention 80% of Torontonians are vaccinated. So Johnny, please stay with your unvaccinated citizens and country. We really don’t need to have you hear. I feel sorry for your wife who’s missing her family and your controlling attitude. Please go to Alberta

        9. Steve hansen|

          Thank you for staying there do you think you could help convince more liberals to leave Alberta and join you in the east ? It would be much appreciated thank you !!

        10. Linda|

          We don’t want you either

      4. Paul Lefort|

        I concur absolutely

      5. Alexander..|

        You can visit me!

    3. Brent Tulk|

      Actually the Canadian Government has to walk back opening our southern border opening August 9..the USA is now a basket case of mutated variants..current vaccines seems ineffectual against these USA delta variant mutations..canada cannot allow any Americans across our borders ..vaccinated or not..not August 9th or December 9th..Fridays count was 100,000 new infections..almost 500 dead..keep the borders closed…indefinitely if needs be

      1. Linda|

        I agree, 100%

      2. Stevieb|

        Brent you have absolutely no fucking of what you are talking about. Delta mutations from the U.S??? STFU already you complete IMBECILE…

    4. Alberta|

      When are you brain dead people going realize that covid is a non issue anymore it’s no worse than a flue or a bad cold as the stats in hospitalizations across the world have proven this! do your research somewhere other than mainstream fear media, Alberta has it right now, take notice or get to the back of the bus!

      1. Lee|

        No thanks! The back of the bus has the worst air circulation!

        1. Meghan|

          So does wearing a mask while you are outdoors!

          1. Johnny|

            Yeah yeah just like people who drive-in a car by themselves wearing a mask… lol, it’s hilarious!!

    5. Anonymous|

      And I thought Canada was full of sheep , i see the states is no difference, stay there with your 2 masks on and hide in your basement.

    6. Lisa|

      Many reasons to avoid Toronto then, there are many other place to go.

  2. Judith Musante|

    you are talking mostly about the toronto airport. wondering about the other canadian aiports, especially vancouver. also what do you think about the gorgeous train rides in canada, as far as covid safety. is the train travel in canada a good option. for example: fly to calgary do the train ride to vancouver, and fly back from vancouver? something like that? what do you hear about the train rides? thanks very much for the reality check.

    1. Mario|

      There is no train between Calgary and Vancouver. You will need to drive up to Edmonton to take the train

      1. Boff|

        Rocky mountaineer runs between Calgary and Vancouver. You clearly are uninformed

        1. Lorraine|

          The Rocky Mountaineer is a vacation in itself. We took the gold service from Vancouver to Banff in 2008. It cost 5000. For the two of us. It was beautiful, took 3 days. The food was wonderful and the hotels very nice. It is not a train service and I’m almost sure it did not go to Calgary.

        2. Martin Doyle|

          The Rocky Mountaineer no longer travels through/to Calgary. Banff is as far east as it goes. Check the updated website fid details.

        3. Deuce|


      2. Linda|

        Yes there is. The Rocky mountaineer

  3. Laura A Stewart|

    Just like the USA, Canada is requiring all travelers entering Canada to produce a negative COVID-19 test from the last 72 hours. …IF this is true WHY do they still make you take a test AFTER you show the papers you’ve taken the test before flying? BS ..they are making money off of people after they’ve jumped through all their hoops.

    1. Debra Simonds|

      Canadian here..who lives in US. Did not have to pay to take test after crossing land border by car in BC. They give you test at the border. Did have to take test 72 hours before as well. You register test with Life Labs. Book Microsoft teams appointment with Life Labs. They observe and guide you though performing the swab test on yourself. Fed Ex to life Labs and you wait for email results.

      1. PatriciaG|

        This is accurate as of today, August 1.

    2. Rebecca|

      Because you can pick it up from another passenger on your flight or at any point when you’re coming across and it takes a few days to incubate. That’s why the need for the repeat test afterwards. It’s pretty clear.

    3. Tom|

      As of today (August 1st), the test required upon arrival at a Canadian airport is free of charge.

      1. Mary swa|

        Nothing is free. Someone pays for these tests, it may not be the person receiving the swab but someone always pays. Here in Canada it is usually any working stiff who has taxes deducted from their paycheque. Far too many dollars in taxes.

    4. Anita Allen|

      You dont as of Aug 9th you just need 72 hr prior test and vaccine proof. They may randomly select you at border.
      Also there is a list of acceptable tests on gov site.

    5. John Walton|

      You have not read the reports of the 2 U.S. fools who attempted to enter Canada with forged vaccine documents. Fines of $19,700 each(cdn$ of course). Much like the 2 Yankees who tried to cross into Canada under false pretenses to get a free vaccine they should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Anonymous|

    Good idea Segregation whoever wrote this article is a fucking idiot

    1. Ts|


    2. Anonymous|

      Absolutely agree!! Seems we are heading back to segregation. Thankfully the Canadian government learned quickly that having distinct lines divides people in all areas.

      1. Marv|

        I agree

    3. D|

      Fcuk yes segregation. You think I want to be stuck in the same line as some antivax fxukhead?

      1. Yang|

        No za America land of the virus people

      2. AntiFascism|

        Why would you be afraid of being in the same line as an unvaccinated person if you are vaccinated? Isn’t the vaccine supposed to protect your fascist ass?

        1. Marv|

          True indeed!
          Excellent answer.

        2. Non of your business|

          The vaccine does not guarantee you won’t get Covid, you can still get it but have less symptoms or be nearly symptomatic. This means you potential become a super spreader which is why social distancing and masks should still be in place…

        3. Anonymous|

          The people replying for the most part are acting like entitled children. Left/Right who gives a fuck, act like the intelligent creatures we claim to be. Grow up already or we are all fucked.

      3. Meghan|

        As it turns out the vaccinated are contracting the virus at alarming rates. However, in your case based on the news you are watching, if you stand by your decision to take an experimental injection, why would it matter who you were around?

    4. Catherine|


  5. Sue-Ann|

    I have booked flight for December to California. Last January I ended up paying $623 Cdn for the 72 hour before leaving test.
    I have had COVID, had my 2 doses of one type of vaccine. Am 80 years old and want to see family. I have done all the requirements. Surely, the government can make allowances for people like myself. It is so frustrating. I know government is trying hard but please, allow some leniency.

  6. Anonymous|

    What about driving across Peace Arch border in Blain Washington?

    1. Alexander..|

      I’d be ok with that..

  7. Mike D|

    You live in gunland with too many bufoons who believe infecting and killing others is a civil and human right.
    As a Canadian Citizen I am happy to see Yankland citizens stay south of 49 until such time as they are civilised and no longer death spreaders.

    1. Sue|

      Exactly the US won’t let Canadians cross so why are we letting them come over the land crossings . They have an increasing problem with the variant . Stay home till you get that under control. Canada is closed for the time being

      1. LG|

        Not according to Trudope. Canada will be open August 9th.

      2. Mary|

        80 percent of our trade is with America they are also the reason we have a rich nation if we did not live next door to America we would be poor like Mexico.

        1. Deuce|

          You realize Mexico borders the US also right?

    2. Sara|

      Agreed 100%, they talk about all that’s happening up here…what about their 4 times the amount of people that live there? And agreed with another comment about the fact that they are only talking about Vancouver. PLEASE RESEARCH BEFORE MAKING A DESISION. ASK QUEDTIONS.. GET ANSWERS…that’s what I was taught in grade 3.

    3. Tim|

      Your an idiot!

      1. Anonymous|


      2. Victor|


        Grammar and spelling is hard ?

    4. FD|

      That civilized country is the only reason you even have vaccines in Canada. I’m sure what you meant to say was thank you.

      1. John Walton|

        Most of our vaccine has come from Europe. The U.S. put its citizens first for protection. It is unfortunate that so many of its citizens are not intelligent enough to realize how lucky they are.

      2. Cdnbob|

        That’s incorrect. Canada developed the vaccine when SARS happened. It’s a very similar recipe.
        Our PC PM Harper at the time cut funding to make more product and develop the vaccine further.. when the funding ended… The research went to labs in the US.. until Trump cut the funding early in his presidency. These are all public facts. Do some research.

  8. John Cook|

    Is this click bait or just some really bad writing? Asking for a friend. :-)

    1. David Joseph Clifford|

      Any chance they can stop sending the nigerians or MUSLIMS up into Canada from.usa ? There are 500 negros and muslims arriving daily from USA
      They have allready DESTROYED toronto

      1. Claude Smoot|

        I have screen captured your comments and am going to find your address online amd send your comments to your local newspaper. Hahaha. Drunk racist

        1. Rod|

          You’re a faggot.

        2. Deuce|

          Wow! Now that’s alot of nonsense. Jesus – eh? Taking the wheel for you is he? And let me guess your take on religion is the only true way, everyone else is wrong. You have no proof of course. When my kids were younger I lied to them about things like the easter bunny, santa clause, tooth fairy, holy man in the sky. When my kids started asking the right questions, I told them I lied to them. They are all made up, I challenge you to prove the existence of any one. Having faith does count as proof. You believe doesn’t count as faith.

        3. Stevieb|

          Claude what do you identify as?
          1. Idiot
          2. Cocksmoker
          3. Retard
          4. Whatchamacallit

          STFU you little dweeb

      2. Anonymous|

        It’s time to realize it’s 2021 and your comments are no longer relevant

      3. Boff|

        Shut up racist whiner

      4. Val|

        You’re a Moron and that’s only one word to describe your lazy ass.

      5. Mario Jacques|

        What a horrible racist comment

      6. Anonymous|

        Are you kidding me? Your arrogant, racist self has no place in our beautiful, mult- cultural country of Canada.

        1. FD|

          Yes making arrogant racist comments yourself really proved your point haha

      7. Jeniffer|

        U r a racist. I suggest u should research about Islam This religion is about Abraham, Moses & Jesus. They r our prophets, before u insult anyone’s religion or colour. Remember we all came from Adam & Eve, we r all technically related. Live & let live.

        1. Anonymous|

          The story’s you tell children; easter bunny, santa clause, tooth fairy, god. Then you grow up, and deal with the real world, not some fairy tales. You seriously believe we all came from Adam and Eve. And let me guess, your religion is the true one, and everyone else is wrong. Show me proof I will sign up.

    2. Esperoni|

      It’s just really bad writing.

      1. Mary|

        I’m a white woman who escaped Ottawa and I lived around these people you described it’s turning very dangerous for women there now and alot of disrespectful people.

        1. HiThere|

          Feminist alert.

  9. Peter Burton|

    I flew into YYZ on the morning of July 28rh from Mexico City. No problem whatsoever. I am double vaccinated, had my pre-approval PCR test (negative) and had downloaded the ArriveCAN app and completed it, all of which was relatively easy. Post-arrival PCR test was also easy. More complicated than pre-Covid? Of course, but no quarantine as when I flew in from Mexico to YVR in December. And today, I went to the Blue Jays game.

  10. Stephane|

    Well I feel the same about going to USA, vacination here is going well, not south. Delta vatiant is spreading in the us. Hospital in the US are super expensive, us here is free.

    1. Barbara Tanner|

      I agree totally! The number of unvaccinated people in the states is appalling! We would appreciate you Americans staying stateside! We don’t need the likes of you infecting our country.

  11. Mario|

    Hi. There is no train from Calgary to Vancouver. You would have to drive to Edmonton to take the train.

  12. Bas|

    Terminal 3 at Pearson was empty yesterday, while all the “zoo” pictures I have seen are in Terminal 1, air Canada’s and star Alliance terminal. Fly Delta American Airlines or WestJet to Toronto terminal 3 and avoid the crowds.
    Vancouver was crowded too but no “zoo”. Plus in Canada we have not so many cases right now, especially Ontario.

  13. Jack Webber|

    Honestly, many Canadians don’t want you to come here with the spikes in cases in the US. By the time you are allowed, more than likely Canada will cancel your ability to cross into our country anyway. You can keep your mess down there.

    1. FD|

      You do realize America is the only reason Canada even has vaccines right?

      1. John|

        You do realize dr fow chee is the only reason we have covid 19 right. ! Just kiddin. But, perspectives are widely varied !

        1. Cynthia H|

          Rude and not true. It is many selfish people not quarantining after being exposed…not taking precautions to reduce the spread…so it just keeps going and going.

  14. Anonymous|

    Interesting pint on Airports being crowded. But the reality is that the airport border has been open for quite a while for anyone from the U.S who wishes to fly in. The biggest change with the upcoming opening of the border is for the land border between US/Can which was closed for non-essential travel. While you might see an increase in airport activity it won’t be too dramatic.

  15. Mary|

    SO…. You aren’t going to go to Canada where vaccinated rates are higher, only vaccinated Americans are allowed to enter, only vaccinated Canadians skip quarantine… (So the seperate line thing would not work for you because vaccinated line would be easy longer) to travel around the US with low vaccination rates, no masks and no vaccination requirements for visitors? (Ps – we require the PCR test because it’s more accurate… And you take it in the States so you aren’t stuck in a foreign country (which is your wife’s home country so…. not foreign to her)). But whatever, eh?

    1. Juan Marziali|

      You tell’em eh Mary.

    2. Sarah|

      Alberta is lifting all of its isolation requirements, even if you test positive you are not going to be mandated to isolate anymore. So if you want to be safe, don’t come here lol

  16. Frank|

    This guy’s a wing nut. Keep him out of Canada we have enough idiots.

  17. Torton|

    I will not go the the state for any money in the world, not enough peoples are vaccinated ,just look at the covid in Florida INSANE..

  18. Nunya|

    Good don’t come. Keep your covid to yourself.

    1. Spirit|

      Either you are ignorant that Canada has less Covid than the states & more people vaccinated than the states or you are just bring sarcastic.

    2. Tammy|

      The delta covid-19 is worse in the US then Canada u don’t know what u r talking about its safety is better here to travel then ?? get your facts right

  19. Leisure Suit Larry|

    Hi, let my type a whole lot of useless words on a webpage, along with tons of advertising that I really want you to click on.

    Welcome to the 21st century, where the internet is chalk full of garbage.

    1. FD|

      You just typed a lot of useless garbage. I guess that proves your point.

    2. Lee|

      Chalk full of garbage.
      That is a different kind of board altogether! lol!
      You meant chock.

  20. David Alger|

    VIA rail doesn’t serve Calgary. You need to go through Edmonton.

  21. Mike|

    I wouldn’t ride the train. They don’t require vaccination. And I’m not sure how welcome Americans are. If a Republican, don’t admit it! I’m Canadian and I won’t ever go back to the states.

  22. Juan Marziali|

    The best scenic and most luxurious train you can take is the Rocky Mountaineer from Banff (1-1/2 hrs from Calgary) to Vancouver. But it is expensive.

    1. PC|

      If more people could process Pandemic information like the Author’s family do, it would have already been brought under control by now.

    2. MarleneR|

      Most of the train traffic is suspended right now because of the extreme forest fires in BC, with trains running from Kamloops to Edmonton currently. One of the rail lines is being held as the cause of the fire that flattened Lytton, BC a couple weeks ago.

      Train travel isn’t a good recommendation right now.

  23. Mister Mike|

    Plan B : go to Florida with record 21000 new infected people in a single day .

  24. Vee|

    Regardless of how expensive, I havent seen my binational fiance in that 18 months of border closures. Family is essential

    1. Tina Posteraro|

      Hi Vee
      I haven’t seen my husband in 1 yr and 8 months and 2 days .. I am Canadian waiting for an interview for my Green Card who knows if I will ever be with him..I know how u feel.

  25. Anonymous|

    Stay in the U S.
    It seems much safer there.

    1. Spirit|

      LOL …. I assume your joking.

    2. Mary|

      It’s 30 percent cheaper to live in America.

      1. John Walton|

        Yes, as long as you don’t need a hospital.

      2. K Schultz|

        We don’t pay for the major components of health care and if you don’t think that takes up more than 30% you’re mistaken

  26. Rose Caspersen|

    Frankly, what with the way 44% of Americans are treating the Covid pandemic and their ignorant, self indulgent refusals to get vaccinated? Please, PLEASE, stay in your own country. Canada doesn’t need or want any of you here until you sort yourselves out. Get vaccinated or stay out!!!

  27. Gord|

    You should stay home because for what is going on in the USA it is a mess and we don’t want you to bring the Delta vianit here.
    The Canadian Government should not be opening borders on August 9th because how much of a mess it is in USA right now.

  28. Cranky Canadian|

    You failed to mention that Canadians like me are going to treat you like lepers because we’re sick of America and its nonsense.

    1. FD|

      That would mean you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  29. Doug|

    I’d like to think that your Canadian spouse rolls their eyes the moment you walk out of the room, but if in fact they are so complacent and ignorant that they’re actually on board with your deliberate, unnecessary, destructive and further polarizing garbage… then we don’t want either of you here anyway. I’m sure you struggled long and hard to come up with 5 reasons for anything…Yet conveniently left out the 5000 reasons the rest of the planet doesn’t even want to touch the smouldering, fecal contaminated dumpster fire you’re in the middle of. Good luck.

    1. Fd|

      The rest of the plannet is well aware the USA is superior to Canada. That’s why so many people want to live there.

  30. Alice|

    Dumbest article written ever.

  31. Mike|

    These are largely ‘Johnny Jet’ fears !
    Go to any country today and you will face similar situations.

    Btw, Johnny, YYZ’s terminal 3 has been a “Zoo” for over 30 years now.

  32. Nick Girdwood|

    Good, stay the fuck out of my country and go fuck yourself.

  33. Nick Girdwood|

    Fuck the USA. *takes a shit on your constitution*

    That’ll piss the braindead Americans off.

    Go ahead and don’t get the vaccine. It’ll hopefully do the gene pool a favour.

  34. Abe|

    If your worries are your kids getting the Delta variant then you shouldn’t be traveling anywhere, including within the USA since your country has a much lower vaccination rate than Canada.

    As a Canadian I am appalled that our government is opening its border for US travelers. The Delta surge is much stronger in your own country and we don’t want it here.

    1. FD|

      It’s already here genius.

  35. Anonymous|

    Probably not the best time for us to be hopping between boarders. Love visiting America, best things stay long distance for the time being.

  36. Uzma Shaheen|

    I will fly for Canada probably in next year. I don’t know the covid situation there.

  37. Rob|

    This writer is a simpleton and a complete idiot. While I have no problem that covid exist that he make it run his life is everything that is wrong with people in this world……lots of other ways to get sick and die beside covid. Choosing to stay home and shake in his boots could be one of them.

  38. J|

    You’re an absolute clown.

  39. Harold King|

    Stay south of the border until the States gets a grip on being civilized. You need to deal with your yellow known and all his grifters.

  40. Sarah|

    Our vaccination rates are higher than the USA so until you get your people in line please stay away we don’t want you here.

  41. Petrina|

    Canadian citizen flew to Buffalo 16 days ago just got home from the US through rainbow bridge state side walked across as long as you do the arrive can website have your neg covid test n proof double vacs you be fine. There is a pharmacy in falls NY has test back in 20 mins specialize in covid tests for diff countries. They were great had no issues.

  42. Anonymous|

    As a Canadian, please stay in the US.

    1. Richard McLaughlin|

      Highly agree

  43. Richard Helms|

    Please tell all your countrymen your opinions and convince them not to come here too. We don’t need you, we don’t want you. We have enough problems up here without your specific brand of hillbilly bullshit making it worse. Please, don’t get vaccinated, attend large indoor gatherings with other likeminded Patriots, then kiss one other and go to a crowded Florida waterpark. Perhaps you could catch a Trump rally in Texas instead of flying into Pearson? While you’re there, visit some old folk’s homes and talk about the American Flag and how it protects you from viral infections. My favourite part of the pandemic has been watching Americans die. That may sound harsh, but it’s true. You fucking morons deserve everything you get.

    1. FD|

      Someone as dumb as you shouldn’t call other people morons. Did you get through middle school?

    2. Anonymous|

      That’s a friendly Canadian for you. Canada wouldn’t exist without the US…cretin.

  44. Ts|

    It’s really simple, don’t come here, you aren’t wanted anyways. Forget covid-19, it’s the insanity that America invokes in its own people to slaughter each other in the streets. Think of the violent insanity that occurred in the states with the BLM movement based on a dude who held a gun to a black babies head as he forced his way into a fellow black woman’s house to rob her (the baby was in the womb still). George Floyd was a garbage waste of skin, bottom feeding gutter trash. The violence down there is like a contagion of its own. You protest violence with violence….. It’s…… So incredibly American. Of course you all want to come to Canada. Nicer people, less people, nicer land, Cleaner air, cleaner rivers, it’s more peaceful, it’s just better. We have our issues, it’s definitely not perfect, we owe our indigenous more partnership in this country, our politics have become divisive but i say this as one of millions of first generation Canadians who come from families who chose this country above all others.

    1. FD|

      Get a life. If Canada is superior to the USA why does every Canadian celebrity CHOOSE to live in America instead? You’re just jealous and always will be.

      1. Thomas|

        Canadian actors and actresses move to the states because that’s were the work is

        1. Janine Mccurdy|

          Now, Now Randy, keep your hair on. You’re assuming them people down below have evolved with the rest of the world. They have no clue how infectious their anarchy is.

  45. Rob|

    I live in Canada. Bunch of whiney babies here now.

    1. Anita Allen|

      Im Canadian and live in Us but youre right they think they are all saints lol
      I guess since 100 percent are vaccinated they feel the right to act that way.
      I read alot on twitter and if I didnt know better theyd have me believe the prisons are empty.

      1. Yang|

        Why do you live in USA

  46. Boff|

    Johnny Jet…. Yeah that seems like a trustworthy name of someone people should take advice from. Your entire bit is about Toronto airport. That’s not Canada idiot. We actually have quite a large land mass with a number of fairly well known cities and landscapes worth checking out. But if you are a self absorbed , ignorant urbanite than maybe you should stick to Toronto. Or better yet just stay in whatever overpopulated cesspool you come from Johnny. FU

  47. Donna|

    Rediclous article, when it comes to Covid Canada has always been far better prepared.
    The Delta varient is running rampant in the US!
    Canada does NOT need you crossing the border, stay there… we are just fine without you!

    1. FD|

      Better prepared? Canada begged the USA to develop and share the vaccine with them. Where would the county be now without it?

      1. Mary|

        The Liberals were giving away thousands of our vaccines to poor nation’s letting us Canadians suffer.

  48. Whatever|

    It is beyond ridiculous that the borders are opening now to international travellers ( not that they were ever closed in the first place. Visitors have been coming by the plane load all along. Govt lies saying borders were closed). As cases surge worldwide due to delta, espcially in the US, trudeau NOW decides to fling the doors wide open? Meanwhile Tam sits there ominously warning of the coming 4th wave that will be caused by opening things up. Hello? Your buddy trudeau is driving the 4th wave train. And everyone except trudeau knows a good chunk of negative tests from travellers (especially from certain parts of the world) are all faked, as will the professional of vaccinations. And negative tests mean squat. Another 14 covid flights this week. The borders are not being flung open in Canada because it is safe to do so, they are opening because an election is looming, and trudeau needs to buy all the votes he can.

  49. Gandorf|

    Staying home and enjoying my summer with brews and home cooked meals. Chilling.

  50. Rob Paul|

    Well, that was certainly interesting. Reading that title I was under the impression he didn’t want to come to Canada because it’s looking more like Nazi Germany every day. Government overreach, mandatory masking, trying to keep us from seeing family and friends, locking down businesses, preventing us from traveling, pastors being arrested for having services… I could go on forever.

    Now they’re going to try to force us to have a dangerous, unproven vaccine that doesn’t work. Crazy leftists demanding to force their will on the rest of us: MY BODY, MY CHOICE. Funny how quickly you forget that mantra, right?

    Stay in the U.S., where your rights will most likely be protected; tho that is a lot less certain under a stolen government, or if you live in a Democrat state.

    As for me and my family, I wonder how long we can remain here safely, and in freedom. Like the Jews and rational people in Germany prior to WWII, we may have to slip across an unprotected section of border.

    Covid is real, and it can be dangerous; but so is the vaccination and totalitarianism. How long before they lock our bank accounts and licenses and steal or homes and put us in gulags, all because we refuse the jab?

    Think this is a crazy conspiracy theory? Remember how you scoffed when you were warned there would be mandatory facemasks, lockdowns, that we’d be trapped inside or own country, human rights violations, neighbor squeeling on neighbor, media manipulation, businesses put out of business, freedom of speech lost, etc?


    1. Jennifer Foster|

      YES! Thank you! Well said. Someone out there has a brain!

  51. GMMC|

    Has anyone else noticed how all comments are published at :08 after the hour?

    1. Johnny Jet|

      It’s because that’s when I approved them.

      1. Anonymous|

        Yes I’ve noticed the :08 after the hour.

      2. Val Saunders|

        I’m a born and raised canadian and I thought your comments made sense. Instead of everyone saying alot of ignorant things and making us Canadians look like a bunch of lowlifes we should all work together with our good American friends.

      3. Yang|

        What is your real name America ? Personally I wish all USA people get out of Canada .

        1. Mary|

          We Canadians love Americans we share the same culture, language and mentality and we have a 410 yr history together and thousands of us have relatives in America. We also built the West

      4. StevieB|

        Don’t come to Canada it’s a shithole. Especially the Toronto area. It’s a cesspool of failed diversity. Oh BTW the big bad DELTA variant was created by fully vaccinated individuals. The sheep that ran for the jav only to become the true ‘superspreaders.’ That’s a FACT.

      5. Daniel|

        I don’t know how old your info is, but the U.S. is far more dangerous to be in right now. Ontario- a province of 14million- is averaging 100-200 cases daily. More people are vaccinated than not, and we’ve learned from our experience with this virus, unlike Americans. But we really don’t care if you come here, we closed the border for a reason. Stay where you are- wife and kids, too.

  52. Me|

    Oh trust me you’ll come, when healthcare is needed, you’ll come! Stop spreading crap! You’ll be the first on the plane!

  53. Anonymous|

    Yes, it’s true. Still not safe. Some vaccinated people are very confident now, not wearing a mask, no swab test, no quarantine. They feel like they could not get virus anymore. Delta variant spreading so fast according to my friend working in a hospital. It’s like “airborne.” I think planning to travel might be good for next year.

  54. Anonymous|

    Stay home Yankees.. too many trigger happy loose cannons for my liking.. plus you’re all so fucking arrogant and DUMB….WHY DON’T YOU TRY HELPING YOURSELFS FIRST.

    1. FD|

      If they’re so dumb why did they come up with the vaccine while Canada begged for them to share it? Show some gratitude we rely on America for everything.

      1. Thomas|

        What do you call a Canadian working in the US…. Boss

      2. DEW|

        Just outed yourself as a Canadian who bootlicks Uncle Sam. Out of work oil worker from Alberta is my guess.
        I know reading is hard and comprehension near impossible. As for nuance, yeah the wiring is non existent.Give this a a shot, in particular the table. (bright colours and “stuff”)

    2. Mary|

      Sounds like Toronto

  55. Rachel|

    If you’re married to a Canadian, you could have entered Canada at any point during the pandemic, with empty airports, lower numbers of covid, and cheap flights. The pcr is free in the U.S. and all tests they require on entry are free. I feel bad for your wife because you’ve come up with a laundry list of b.s. to avoid seeing her family.

  56. Mario Jacques|

    Recently returned from Panama into YUL..Montreal airport. I had to go through no less than NINE checkpoints. As soon as you enter the airport, passport check….then another checkpoint for PCR test proof…. then another for ARRIVE AN receipt….then you are lead to customs terminal to enter your info and take a picture, then you wait to speak to a customs agent, then you have to show your passport again to another agent to go retroeve your luggage, then another stop to register for COVID test, then another custom.agent who décidés if you will searched or go to the next stop. Then another agent who will take your info and passport info AGAIN..then you take a covid test, then you show your passport again to another agent before you are finally FREE…
    I am sure there are LESS checkpoints in a high sécurity jail

  57. Anthony|

    Yall fucked up…

  58. James|

    Ahh poor baby does not not like lining up with the un vaxed. Talk about un Canadian. Maybe take a second buddy and think about that. Considering your kids are half Yankees. Imagine sorry sir your kids are half American to the back of the classroom they go.

  59. Anonymous|

    Really what do you now

  60. Anonymous|

    Who needs you.STAY AWAY

  61. David|

    Johnny asswhole is more lik it.You f…… Americans are the most arrogant jeans there is.Stay away,who needs you or wants you.

    1. FD|

      Another insecure Canadian jealous of America.

  62. Dave Blink|

    I agree about the separate line policy at airport, but I’d go a step further and require non-vaxxed to sew a yellow star on their clothes.

  63. Anonymous|

    Agree with your article. I have more than 5 reason sor not wanting to visit family in the USA.

  64. Anita Allen|

    Sorry but you are wrong about the pcr test and being stuck in Canada if positive.
    You are required to show proof of vaccine and a neg covid test within 72 hrs…which on gov site lists many options. Therefor you have your test reults BEFORE travel. If youre positive STAY home.
    Canada at randon may give you a home kit….luck of the draw.

  65. Jay|

    Travels to Canada and only goes to Toronto. Sad

  66. Gene|

    I’m glad you’re not coming here! Americans have been acting like it’s all back to normal! Or even that there isn’t anything going on! Careless! Point being, keep your stupid ass home!

    1. FD|

      Racist much?

  67. Ingrid|

    This sounds to complicated for my taste. I have no desire to travel anywhere during a world wide pandemic. I have family in western Canada . I live in Canada. A phone call once in a while to keep in touch is sufficient.

  68. Pamela|

    Wow, I read all the comments. We went from fact to racism rude to disgusting. I am proud to Canadian, but some of these comments, I am not proud came from a Canadian. People have the right to an opinion, how someone views that opinion is your choice. However if you call out his intellect and his intelligence with those types of words, what does that say about you.
    I get anger and frustration I get wanting to clear up misinformation and or offering alternatives. I do not get attacking a person.
    I agree with somethings, maybe canada should not take in anymore immigrants at this time, until all Canadians are back at work and have a job. But it has nothing to do with race, it has to do with employing our own get Canadians back to work first. Train Canadians to do Canadians jobs let all of us work, instead of bringing in people from other countries. This would help our economy, and build us a workforce for our future.
    Americans are divided and no longer able to see themselves as a people, rather then a party or a color. This is sad.
    We get vaccinated here, for ourselves and each other. It is not for our government is in our own best interest. I do not ask my doctor who created a drug under what administration, I ask ny doctor how it would benefit me.
    I get my vaccines to protect myself and others. I wear a mask to save those who cannot be vaccinated and the children who cannot even get a vaccine.
    I welcome people here to visit but I welcome those who carry our values, those who come and care about Canadians snd want to do no harm.
    If we ask you swab your nose, is no different then walking thru a medal detector to ensure you have nothing concealed. Is for our safety and for the safety for everyone around you.
    Some values are not just Canadian values, they are human values, we owe it to each other to treat each other with dignity and respect. If we cannot accomplish this where are we as a world, as a human race.
    If okay to voice an opinion and give options, but if you have nothing helpful to say maybe saying nothing at all is a better approach.
    As to the written of the article, I am hoping you were not judging how we Canadian people are handling the pandemic. You should never throw stones. The USA is definitely no longer a world leader in alot of things. Maybe clean up and fix up your country, before you judge ours. Your avation personal are having to take self defense courses and that is not to protect against the virus that is to protect you from each other. Shameful

    1. Mary|

      No other nation is bringing in any immigrants ands our big cities ar in coming unsafe for women once it’s dark. We list 2 milluon jobs since covid hit and our youth unemployment is 35 percent one of the highest in the world and our high taxes is to pay for all the benefits that immigrants get and you think our rights and wages are dropping by the year here. Wages would rise if they stopped immigration then I don’t have to be trained in 8 lines of work and live all over the nation just to survive me a Canadian since 1610.

    2. Thomas|

      I agree..

      1. Thomas|

        Sorry.. I should’ve said I agree with Pamala

  69. MDK|

    American living in Canada. Went to visit family in Boston for 1st time in 18 months last week. Was disgusted with cavalier attitude everywhere about COVID, including some family members. Breathed a sigh of relief upon returning to Canada. Entry at YYZ was simple, and Fast even though crowded(everyone kept their distance, though!) Good god fellow Americans, smarten up and until then, Stay away from Canada! 5 reasons not to go to Canada? How about 100 not to go to the US!

  70. Anonymous|

    I am sick and tired of the comments coming from Americans. My country is doing better than most. I will take Canada over America any time. Its time insecure Americans learn from us.

    1. FD|

      Canadians spend 24/7 being insecure about Americans. That’s why we copy everything they do and watch all their shows and movies.

  71. Carol hrynewich|

    Do not travel if not right 4 u no need to complain Canadian or american

  72. Michael Roschlau|

    We live in Canada and have decided to go to Europe instead of the US for some of the same reasons.

  73. Jack|

    Thank God, STFO

  74. Dennis|

    We don’t want you here anyways

  75. Anonymous|

    Why would you think anyone would give a crap about where you are willing to travel?

    1. FD|

      You cared enough to read and comment about it.

  76. Scott Cooper|

    If the Delta Variant was a problem, then why are you travelling within the US, as it is far more prevalent there. You’re a little bit of a hypocrite, although to be expected from an American.

  77. M Lane|

    America you really need to learn about the rest of the world before you speak.

    Due to your politics ignorance and general lack of education about the world as opposed to America you would learn that you have the most deaths and cases by far anywhere in the world in relation to population.

    The way your nation treated Canada during the pandemic (masks/medical supplies) will not soon be forgotten by any of us Canadians ??!!

    Worry about your own country and people before judging many are dying!!

    Allies my Canadian ass /bullshit!!

    Between Trump and your country’s handling of the pandemic

    MIKE L

    A frustrated and disappointed Canadian!!!
    Get your shit together!!

    1. FD|

      Without America Canada wouldn’t have a vaccine and then Canada begged and pleaded for them to share which they did so instead of your moronic comments you should be saying thank you.

      1. Heather Lambert|

        Really? America is not responsible for the vaccines. The very first ones released, the Oxford AstraZeneca was a joint project between the UK and Argentina. The US has more people dead from COVID than any other country and still has more than 5 million infected people. The US has nothing to be proud of in relation to this.

      2. Geraldine Krietemeyer|

        Listen science is science. A Canadian scientists discovered insulin and changed life for diabetics forever and saved millions of lives. Canada has done great things in the field of science. Many countries in the world came together to battle covid with discovery of vaccines. Thank the good lord. So enough with petty comments.

      3. Anonymous|

        Hey FD get this right we Canadians paid for the vaccines with cash, not charity. BTW right now only vaccine money is helping pay American debts and running your economy, so be grateful thankful.

    2. Stevieb|

      Holy shit are you one stupid son of a bitch. Your whole rant is a pile of bullshit. First off Trump shut the U.S border from CHINA before any other country did especially our Justin Trudeaup! Hundreds of planes were coming into our 6 major airports long after the U.S suspended travel from the communist cocksucking nation. And when did the cum guzzling Justin suspend travel from India after the “Indian variant?” You’re a complete fucking jackass and know nothing! 90% of Canadian Covid deaths were in individuals over 70 in LTC and or most with 1 or 2 illnesses. They also mostly happened VERY EARLY ON in the ‘Plandemic.’ Kinda like a planned genocide to justify this flu (coronavirus) as a pandemic. Most Canadians commenting here are FUCKING OBLIVIOUS to what has happened. But all you vaccinated idiots got the jab(s) for what??? To get your FREEDOM back? It’s YOU PEOPLE that are the fucking embarrassment to our nation. You’re all brainwashed and now BRANDED CATTLE that are going to be herded hopefully into caskets sooner than later. You seem to be a Trump hater so I want you to know this. Hydroxychloroquine which Trump mentioned (and LOTS OF VIROLOGIST AGREE) is the cure for those suffering extreme respiratory distress from Covid-19. Planned genocide people and now it’s too late for you fucking weirdos that wanted to inject big pharma poison into yourself so it could bypass your immune system and create something worse.
      I hope all you clowns get what you deserve. LOL!!!

    3. Anonymous|

      Couldn’t have said it better myself ?

  78. Anonymous|

    I just finished reading all the comments from canadians,(I am a canadian), I am imbarassed to be a canadian, all that have commented sound like a bunch of whiners, crybabies, (Americans don’t sound much better). We just need to get through this, be kind to one another and quit putting each other down, Both countries have issues with covid and the variant, it takes one person to spread this, and both countries have that one person, borders open or not. We need to blame our governments, not each other for the open border, and the lack of proper restrictions.

  79. Omar|

    Your country has 150000 new cases per day and you’re saying Canada is dangerous? Mind your own business you’re living in hell lol Americans are really ignorant

  80. Geraldine Krietemeyer|

    Canada is a small country and covid is pretty much under control here. Quite the opposite can be said of USA. Delta is surging in many of your states. Your choice is your own. I have no desire to travel to USA for similar reasons. Global tourism is taking a hit everywhere and things will not return to normal for a long time. So very sad.

    1. Geraldine Krietemeyer|

      I meant smaller in terms of population. Not land mass.

  81. James Hampond|

    Stay in the US we don’t want you here.

  82. Princess|

    Unless any of you actually crossed the border since the beginning of COVID, as I have, none of your comments are true.
    Calling down people regardless of nationality makes yourselves sounds like a bunch of morons.
    I agree with the people saying this story is full of half cocked bullshit.

  83. Heather Lambert|

    So yesterday the U.S. had 5,449,592 active cases of COVID and Canada had 6,586, and you think coming to Canada is dangerous? Typical American thinking. Stay home with your COVID and guns and strike. We are not missing you.

  84. Abu Uddin|

    Best option for first couple of months after opening borders to avoid air or train journeys. If possible, postpone or limit travels and use your own vehicle with family members only allowing you to be away from crowd and getting infected. Then when situation becomes normal go back to air travel or train journeys.

  85. Mrniceguy|

    Boo stay in America where all the rules are already let loose and the 4th wave has started. Keep the virus in your country. How about you go to Florida lol 21,000 cases a day lol.

  86. Mary|

    What about all the Indians fllying into Canada weekly spreading covid when 2 milluon Canadians lost theirs jobs since covid hit.

  87. Peg Clarke|

    Hi! I live in Atlantic Canada. I have two ideas for you.
    1. Why not travel by car. Avoid the airports all together.
    2. Have your Canadian family meet you in Atlantic Canada for a vacation. Our numbers are extremely low. Here in New Brunswick, I think we are at 12 active cases for our whole province. and 2/3 of our population is double shot vacinationed.

    3. In Prince Edward Island I don’t believe they ever had one covid related death during the entire pandemic.

    Please don’t paint the whole country of Canada with the same brush. We worked very hard to keep everyone safe. Alot of our economy relays on Tourists. Don’t be scared away.

    1. Mary|

      Yes I agree I returned to my hometown I am so happy to leave Onterriblle . No one needs to wear masks anywhere here now except hospitals or nursing homes. Music concerts and festivals started today New Brunswick Day! We would like to invite all Canadians who are vaccinated for a summer or fall getaway we desperately need the financial boost. NB govt will give you 20 percent off your hotel stay, flights and all meals. We have many beaches, the ocean, fresh seafood, hikes, camping, and perfect weather with a nice sea breeze. You can also drive, as the Quebec border with NB is opened!

  88. Mary|

    America land of the free, home of the brave and still the most free nation on earth thank God.

  89. Rod|

    This guy is retarded. If Covid existed then how come the cold and flu disappeared from the earth with no explanation? Without a plausible explanation, then you can only come to the conclusion that covid is the same cold and flu that has been going around since before recorded history and that the only thing new are the lies and propaganda. A variant of a virus that cannot possibly exist is why this moron is afraid to travel…

    1. Stevieb|

      Come on Rod. We all know the flu is gone because people were wearing masks…
      WINK, WINK

    2. Pamela|

      Ohhh my, just helpful hint. The flu and others disappeared die to the masks and people washing their hands properly. Is important to back up a theory or a belief with fact not false informatiin

      1. Stevieb|

        Alberta WILL soon be treating Covid the same as the flu. Exactly like it should have been treated from DAY 1. No one needed to die except unfortunately those elderly individuals who already had terminal illness. Sad it got into the LTC centres so EASILY considering health care “professionals” should be washing their hands and wearing a mask as you’ve suggested. Your an idiot Pamela don’t quit your day job!

  90. Pamela Warden|

    It’s a crazy world. However I don’t think the Covid 19 vaccine is even relevant. This year’s flu is the Delta varient. Where’s the Delta variant vaccine? the covid-19 vaccine is old medicine. How much did the Canadian government spend on that?? Five years worth lol. As a Canadian I am not returning until Trudeau is gone his dictatorship has gone. Its gone on long enough. His mishandling of the pandemic, mishandling of vaccinated and unvaccinated people as people. Who can travel and cross the border should also be anyone who has antibodies from covid they’re just as protected as anybody with a vaccine. Anybody with a vaccine if anything, Your vaccine should only be a couple weeks old when leaving the country. If you want standards!! That is. Anything covid vaccine wise 3 months and older is worthless.
    Get ready for your boosters!!! Btw they’re tested on 2000 in a country of 93million. (In common talk isn’t that all considered not countable?)(oh yeah only when the unvaccinated talk)The people only suffered with moderate adverse affects. Which of course no numbers given….

    … Carry on go get that jab!!.

    1. Stevieb|

      YESSSSSS Pamela you fucking ROCK!

    2. Pamela|

      Why you making it political. Trudeau is the prime minister and by the sound of it, I am thinking you forgot to vote, so if you want change then vote. You implied you left ??, so maybe you have found a country that you find more attractive to you and your beliefs.
      However stating canada is ran under a dictatorship is showing a lack of knowledge about what a dictatorship is.
      I may not like many of the comments on this article . I give you credit for using your name, but unfortunately I cannot agree. I am asking. Are you now living is the USA ?

  91. John Jenkins|

    Because Toronto is all of Canada.
    From a Toronto point of view.

  92. Cynthia H|

    Comments not spot on but point taken. Works both ways. Both countries have people who can not (very few) and those who refuse mostly for political reasons. We are seeing them getting ill. From day 1 to now….the airports have been open for Americans, Canadians and more to come and go. They rather lie and fake documents versus staying home and protecting everyone. So this behavior will continue…we can’t stop that, we can’t stop living. I, like you are being cautious. We have a trip booked for next year to your country. Trust me, fully Vax and cautious, I will still wear masks in certain crowded areas even next year. Masks are to protect others from me, but I believe it protects me as well. So I am looking after everyone. We all need to take that attitude. Your concerns are valid but your commentary about being trapped in Canada and risking your family….it is the same on both sides. Everyone must do what they are comfortable with. There is no right or wrong answer…it is your comfort level. Can’t wait to see you back into our home country.

  93. Lucy Arnold|

    I totally agree with you. I am not even leaving my city (in Canada) until I feel safe to do so. Too bad there are people out there who don’t have common sense with regard to COVID19 and the Delta varient.

  94. Mike|

    This article comes from an American who’s country gathers more positive covid tests in a weekend then Canada has throughout the entire pandemic.

    Yet we’re the problem…. Right…. Ask your geriatric president his thoughts on that if he’s still alive.

  95. Jim|

    Let’s not kid ourselves. Covid-19 virus is here to stay. The only way we can protect the unvaccinated individuals from virus….tell them; please go get vacinated as quickly as possible. Virus will still spread by anyone regardless your are vacinated or not. The survival chances for vacinated are much better than unvaccinated.

    1. Stevieb|

      Jim you’re delusional and you should stop watching breakfast television. Well over 100,000 (and counting) FULLY VACCINATED people have already died and most new outbreaks are individuals who are vaccinated. Get your head out of the sand. Where do you think the variants (mutations) are coming from??? Please tell me. Think logically…

  96. T Mathers|

    The trains go west from Jasper AB or Baniff AB, or go east from Vancouver to one of those two AB towns.
    There are different routes available.
    It’s all here…

  97. Anonymous|

    We all had a meeting about you. By a landslide they voted that the country doesn’t want you to come!
    Wife and Kids welcome!
    How many people did you US kill so far? A million more Americans killed the ww2 and Korean conflict!
    Good work! Your country is in the 4th wave and losing! Good work!
    Ont. Have 80 plus people with at least 1 shot, 68 percent wil 2 shots


  98. Randy|

    I like turtles.

  99. Bryan Bernat|

    As a Canadian I would politely invite you to kiss my rear end. Stay home. We actually don’t want you or need you. Your last four years have been a whole world wide joke.

  100. C. Ovidiots|

    We don’t want you here.

  101. Sandra|

    You could say that about any country. Dont single out Canada. Look at your own damn country.

  102. Anonymous|

    That’s not our flag , please don’t disrespect us

  103. Jackson|

    This person knows there is more to Canada than Toronto, right?

    1. Pamela|

      No I do not think so, some there actually beleive canada is a state. Lol kiddind

  104. Big Joe|

    As a Canadian, I thank you. We have enough fear mongering idiots here as it is.

    Vaccines work, even against variants and as long as you are vaccinated you have nothing to fear.

    Can’t handle that, then stay home, and never travel again. Covid is not going away.

    1. Stevieb|

      If the vaccines (which aren’t even vaccines) work then why are the majority of DELTA outbreaks people that are fully vaccinated? Just like the PCR test which will be discontinued December 31 because it’s deemed USELESS! The guy that created it said it would only create false positives especially at the threshold it’s being tested at. Fuck it will pick up if you had a cold months earlier. ANY CORONAVIRUS! You people are a fucking joke with your brainwashed theories. LOL. Tell me mr virologist where is the DATA or SCIENCE that suggests ANYONE under 70 should need to get any vaccine???????????
      It doesn’t EXIST. Even the real virologist who created the mRNA technology said NO YOU G ADULT OR KIDS should ever need to be vaccinated. SO FUCKOFF you jackass!

  105. Terry|

    I have read most of the comments and I think that everyone needs to grow up and just live. Don’t. Act like children

  106. Ed Luiz|

    A person living in country that has 100,000+ new cases everyday thinks it is dangerous to go another country that has less than 400 daily new cases. Go figure !

  107. Natalie|

    So this article judges Canada as a country based on one city, Toronto. For someone who claims to travel all over the world, that’s not a very worldly assessment of a country, especially one as big as Canada.

  108. Susan Henry|

    Yes their are people deliberately spreading diseases.they are knowledgeable in medicine they have people set up in medical records and they are getting more in the numbers .they are mostly women and they nonchalantly use the phrase “non extraditable state” as they give a half truth confession.or they call it awareness when they get caught.about every four years they do what I call a tour duty they collect collect and they do this state to state getting money from fraudulent insurance claims whether it be an accident per see or storage unit policy and there seems to be a death with an inheritance even if they aren’t related.i tracked this group and they were disease spreading in louisiana kentucky south carolina and it was legionnaire s disease as well as whatever they could do in a large crowd.it was the fair that year.funny thing is others with the same charges had to register with the state but not this group …they were listed as culprits but thier true identities were not. I could go on and on but I do know that law enforcement knows and they choose to look the other way. If they get caught they say it’s about awareness and how they are trying to let the public know exactly what people can do they really are getting bigger in numbers and it’s usually teens who end up taking thier charges because of promises made .the best advice I can give if your teen goes to a depression website they just might run into them.they will tell your kid how much they love them and how much thier family would be willing to accept them. They will give your child h.i.v or worse when he/she goes to meet them.they will make your child need them .

  109. Amy|

    WOW!!! What nonsense did I just read? I wasted 10 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. This post is nothing by fear mongering. Your the government’s dream. You’re playing along exactly how they want you to play. What a depressing live you must live to be locked down in fear this much. As a family of 5 unvaccinated (it’s actually not even a vaccine, more like poison), we have spent the last 18 months going on trips to visit our entire families, who are ALL unvaccinated, because why would we let the government control our lives? Why would we let them keep us from our families? It’s our life. We get ONE life and we will live it out in the best way possible. I suggest finding Jesus amongst this chaos and you will be filled with peace instead of fear.

    1. Chuckytorn|

      Amy, you are what is wrong with the world right now. The vaccine is safe, its not poison, sounds like you don’t have your children vaccinated with MMR. You and your family are selfish. You need to think of others, but of course the big bad government is out to get you. When your children or family get horribly sick or die, I guess you can just say that was God’s will

      1. Stevieb|

        Chuckytorn ever heard the saying opinions are like assholes? Well you’re the biggest, dumbest asshole so far in this thread. There is ZERO data or science that suggests that anyone under 70 or has underlying health issues needs to get vaccinated let alone an mRNA (immune system bypassing) jab! NONE because the survival rate even for 79 and above is 95%. For younger age segmentations its 99%. The CREATOR of mRNA technology states that young adults and kids should NOT use these vaccines. Stop telling others that they’re being selfish you USELESS waste of life and mind your own fucking business. Pieces of shit like you are whats wrong with society nowadays. And believe you me. You types of assholes WILL NOT BE THE NEW NORMAL! Not now not ever or you all will be eliminated. Period.

  110. Saltwater|

    Dear Jesus I’m heartbroken. One less ass crossing the border, what a shame.

  111. Henry|

    Good, we don’t want you here. Stay in the USA, where everything is out of control.
    Your post makes 0 sense, and makes you look like an idiot.

  112. Sierra|

    Separating people because of their differences. Yeah. Sounds like a brilliant idea we’ve never tried before ? hey you know what make it faster? How about tattoos or patches that announce the differences for easier sorting, and camps to keep them in so they can keep away from the obviously superior people. In fact why don’t we just get rid of those people so they don’t more people like them ?

    1. Stevieb|

      There are camps already constructed hopefully they’re for all these criminals that have lied to the public about this SCAMDEMIC. But I’d be for a civil war or atleast a good PURGE to get rid of all of these domestic misfits like antifa, BLM, etc….
      All these fucking LOSERS tearing down statues and wanting to change everything about MY CANADA. Those pieces of shit should all be fucking ANNIHILATED and sooner than later!

  113. Mike|

    People still die of A.I.D.S , But their still rawdoggn with out condoms.. so w.t.f. is the big deal, everyone just keep believing the global fraud about covid

    1. Castor|

      Yeah WTF, we have aloud other viruses to kill so why bother to fight new viruses. Even as kids we wouldnt share a cigarette or joint with a friend if we thought we would make them sick. Let me guess you think the world is flat?

    2. Stevieb|

      Keep wearing your face diaper Mike you moron and let the government tell you when you can sit, walk, talk and shit again. Where on god’s green earth do they find you fucking gullible sheep fuckers. Stay in your bunker for the rest of your pathetic life loser!

  114. DES|

    Good grief… if this was a real pandemic there would be body bags in the streets and not a 99.9% survival rate. Turn off the TV! Wake up! This is being used politically also lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies who you can’t sue if you get sick or die from the vaccination and more people have than any other vaccine in all of history. The real issues in Long term care highlighted by Covid aren’t all over the news and being fixed… instead we have a Prime Minister salivating over a great reset! Wake up! This is political!

  115. Anonymous|

    Turn off your TV! they are lying to the world they have an agenda. I live in Canada and i don’t know anybody that had covid, even the flu is gone i haven’t had a flu in over 2 years, so sheeple wake up this is non-sense.

  116. Castor|

    For such a world traveller you dont seem to know Toronto is not a country. Canada actually consists of many provinces much like states. You seem rather upset having to pay $100 to help you stay safe and keep others safe. Your family ain’t worth much to you obviously

  117. Linda|

    As a Canadian, a true Albertain, to those other Canadians who would not come to Alberta, don’t. You can keep that west hating Trudeau too. Just don’t forget how Alberta boosted the Canadian economy before Trudeau shut us down. No transition. Buy your dirty oil from foreign sources. Glad the wind blows west to east. You’re so against oil, look around. Most everything is made from oil byproducts. Could you really live without them. Not.
    As for our borders, alot of us would prefer our southern border stay closed until the root cause of the continents COVID variant spike is taken care of. The root cause is Biden. Opening up the USAs southern border to some 1.2 million (to date) COVID infested immigrants and releasing them into the general public. Mandating lockdowns, masks, censoring those who disagree is not a solution. CLOSING THE BORDER is a 1st step. But this does not fit into the Bidens political agenda. Nor Trudeau’s.
    Crime south of our border is soring while the Democrats try re-inventing policing. If Trudeau tries doing that in Canada, there’ll be a lot of Canadians buying guns to protect themselves.
    In our lifetime, we have not seen a Civil War. With all the civil unrest in both our countries, we’re all going to be in the middle of one. More people are going to die than this pandemic has taken.
    BIDEN, take that pointy white hat off, take your foot out of your ass and CLOSE THAT FRIGGIN BORDER!

  118. Alan Keays|

    Good call. Many Canadians don’t want to see an army of Americans here anyway.

  119. Pete|

    By all means stay in your virus infected country, take wifey and the kids to florida and enjoy Disney world. I’m sure governor death would welcome more maskless and un vaxed tourists.
    FYI Canada is one of th3 highest vaccinated countries in the world.

  120. Paul|

    Just so you know had test done last week in the states cost 256$ canadian and it was 75$ Canadian before I left

  121. Alex|

    The writer of this article sounds like a globalist pedophile.

  122. Dave|

    Given the delta variant and so many americans deciding not to get vaccinated is reckless!!!!!!! All im hearing is citizens of the usa wanting the vaccine when they end up in a hospital and are very sick. How many ppl have to die in both countries before ppl in both countries get the bloody message?????????? If the ppl in both countries decide they dont want the vaccine then stay home and dont infect others!!!!!!!! Period!!!!!!!! Like i said” if it takes ppl to end up in the hospital and to die for ppl to wake up and come to their senses”. That is reckless!!!!!

  123. Joe|

    Go fuck yourself asshole. Mask. Vaccinate. Don’t be such an idiot. Please … Dont come here … Please ….
    Just to re-clarify ….. Fuck off Biden man

  124. null|

    Yes, we have booked for the 20th of September. We have elderly parents (both sets are in their 90’s)!

  125. Dee|

    Such hostility. All around. Can’t we be civil, people?

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