The 25 countries where the most Americans are killedWhen the State Department issues a travel warning for a country, is it safe to travel there?

In this extremely in-depth post, Ian Greenleigh of examines seven years of travel warnings and Americans killed to “reveal the connections between American deaths abroad, government travel warnings, and foreign travel.” As part of the study, Greenleigh lists the countries where the most American civilians were killed over that time, and then adjusts to factor in the number of people who visited. Per capita, he finds the following to be the 25 countries where the most Americans are killed:

  1. Pakistan
  2. Thailand
  3. Philippines
  4. Haiti
  5. Honduras
  6. Nigeria
  7. Belize
  8. Guyana
  9. Egypt
  10. Mexico
  11. Guatemala
  12. El Salvador
  13. Greece
  14. Jordan
  15. Jamaica
  16. Ukraine
  17. Ecuador
  18. Nicaragua
  19. Costa Rica
  20. Grenada
  21. Colombia
  22. Uruguay
  23. Barbados
  24. Saudi Arabia
  25. Dominican Republic

He goes on to examine the correlation between American deaths and travel warnings, giving special attention to places with many warnings and few deaths as well as those with few warnings and many deaths per capita. He also looks at the way State Department travel warnings affect visitation. It’s a great (though long) read. Check it out here.




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4 Comments On "The 25 Countries Where the Most Americans Are Killed"
  1. Ian Greenleigh|

    Thanks for featuring our State Department travel warnings investigation, Johnny. Cheers.

  2. Michael Karpiel|

    How about including the good ole USA since that will always be #1

  3. eva|

    Would be interesting to see the same list dis-aggregated to show crimes against dual nationals (ie US and country in question) vs visitors who have no claim to residency or citizenship. Since homicides typically occur between people known to one another, it seems likely that dual nationals are at a greater risk in many if not all of the countries on this list (and in some countries–Grenada for example–homicides in which dual nationals are victims likely account for nearly the entirety of the list).

  4. writer|

    are the Americans some special species to not be killed after they killed so much abroad? In your listing it miss Vietnam ware where the Americans lost the war, the killed also innocent children and women. BIG SHAME

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