This is going to be a very special Father’s Day for me as it’s the first one since I’ve become a father (my son was born in September). We just started traveling with Jack so I created a Father’s Day gift guide featuring an assortment of travel products that I think all fathers who travel will love:

As many of you know, I was a fan of Scottevest long before they started sponsoring my weekly newsletter. I use their products every time I travel because their multiple hidden pockets not only keep my valuables safe, but can act as an extra carry-on, as well. And right now, they’re offering 30% off most of their products for men in honor of Father’s Day, so it’s a good time to check them out. Sale runs while supplies last.

Front Pocket Wallet
One of the biggest mistakes I see men make when they travel is walking around with their wallets in their back pockets. It’s a huge no-no since it’s so easy to get pickpocketed this way. Most men will argue that it’s the only pocket their wallet really fits in but thanks to a new company called Rogue Industries, there’s now a front pocket wallet. Their wallets are super slim and have a rounded design to fit perfectly in your front pocket.. They come in dozens of styles and are made from genuine top grain leathers like moose, bison, football, ball glove, deer, and salmon. Prices start at $40. You can view them all here. BTW: Amazon sells them, too.

Vivitar HD Action Camera
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a GoPro, then check out the Vivitar HD Action Camera. It’s perfect for adventurous dads who want to  capture their travel memories and at $49.99, it’s a bargain. It comes with a waterproof case with a bike/ATV mount and remote control touch screen display with full 1080p HD video.

Island Bum Straw Hat and UPF 50 Shirts
When I found out I had squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer) on my lip, I completely changed the way I spend time in the sun. I rarely play volleyball or hang out with my friends on the beach during peak hours unless I’m completely covered and/or am under an umbrella. I’ve also replaced my baseball caps and visors with large-brimmed hats. My favorite is the Island Bum Nautical Lifeguard Straw Hat ($28). It’s similar to the hats you might see gardeners wear in tropical countries except this hat is luxurious. I also like their UPF 50 Performance Signature shirts ($44) as well as Speedo’s long sleeve rash guards that have UPF 50 ($21.87 – $38).

Another product I sometimes wear when playing volleyball is called CoolHeads. It’s a sun-reflecting white terry cloth hoodie that kind of looks like something King Arthur would wear. It supposedly helps regulate the body’s temperature and keeps you cool. Its cloth trim is available in seven different colors but be prepared to have your friends make fun of you. Doesn’t bother me—it’s a great way to stay safe and cool in the sun! $19.99 on or

If your special man has an old car, here’s a great way to upgrade it for cheap. Navdy ($499) is the “fighter pilot technology” for your car since it has Head-Up Display (HUD). The Navdy is a display that is mounted on your dash and allows drivers to stay connected to their phone while keeping their eyes on the road. Here are my reasons Dad will love it!

Amazon’s Alexa
What father doesn’t need an assistant? I do and I only have one kid! For those who can’t afford a human assistant (my hand is up), then consider a virtual assistant like Amazon’s Echo, Echo Dot or Tap. The Echo Dot was the hottest Christmas gift last year since it costs just $49; it’s a hands-free, voice-controlled device that can play music, provide information like weather, news, traffic, travel itineraries and more. You can also control smart-home devices so if you’re holding a baby or just don’t want to get off the couch to turn the lights on or the air conditioning up, you can say, “Alexa, turn the thermostat to 65º” or “Alexa, turn the bedroom lights on” and voila…she does it! Related: 8 Ways to Use Your Amazon Echo for Travel.

The Best Potato Chips
While in Tokyo’s Narita International Airport recently, I noticed passengers going crazy in the Duty Free shops, buying boxes of something called Potato Farm Jaga Pokkuru Snacks. The employee trying to restock them couldn’t even get them on the shelves because of all the waiting customers so he just left them on the trolley and let people grab them from there. Of course, I knew it must be something good so I bought two boxes but like a fool, I didn’t try them until I was home, and after one bite I knew I’d made a mistake for not buying the store’s five-box limit. They cost 600 yen each ($5 US) in Japan but on Amazon they go for $18 US. The chips are shaped and taste just like French fries and now a U.S. version is on the market called Whole Cuts. It might even be the same manufacturer since they taste the same and they now serve them on American Airlines as a snack to first class passengers. Amazon sells them for $24.99 for a 9-pack. They’re a delicious and addictive snack…and they’re gluten-free, too!

Carry-On Bag
When my leather Roots duffel bag started getting ratty from the airlines making me check it, a company called Moore & Giles sent me a replacement. The company is best known for supplying the majority of the leather you see on private jets as well as on furniture at Restoration Hardware, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn so you know it’s not cheap (the bag retails for $975). However, they have great looking bags, especially the Cleland XL Duffel. If your loved one has expensive taste and deserves something extra special this Father’s Day, then here are the Cleland XL Duffel features:.

  • 53″ adjustable/removable padded leather shoulder strap
  • One interior zipper pocket
  • Top carry handles
  • Two exterior side zip pockets
  • Two interior pockets

The bag can also be monogrammed and can accommodate up to three initials with one-size, block font. It will be located on the exterior center between the handles. The dimensions are 23″L x 11″W x 14″H.

Framed Photos
My favorite trip souvenirs are memories and photos. For those dads looking to preserve their travel photography outside of the digital world, CanvasPop is worth checking out. They make it so easy and affordable to turn your digital photos into framed, permanent treasures. Users simply upload photos and choose a layout, frame options, a method of shipping, and a canvas size using custom measurements (between 10” and 76” in height and/or width) or one of Canvas Pop’s standard sizes, which range from 8″ x 10″ to 24″ x 72.” Prices start at $30 and go up to $422. My wife surprised me with two framed family photos and I loved them both so much I immediately thought that CanvasPop would make for a great Father’s Day gift.

I have sensitive eyes and over the years, I’ve realized that there’s a huge difference between cheap and expensive sunglasses. I don’t splurge on many material things but one thing I do invest in are sunglasses. I especially love those with polarized lenses since they miraculously cut the glare and sharpen the view. I sometimes feel like I have super powers with them on when others around me don’t because I can see stuff they can’t. The good folks over at, a leading online retailer for designer eyewear, sent me a pair of Persol sunglasses and I love them! SmartBuyGlasses offers a range of products like Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, Dolce Gabbana, Prada, Persol, Oakley…) at low prices so check them out.

Bluffworks Wrinkle-Free Dress Clothes
The start-up mens’ apparel company sent me a couple of pairs of pants to try out: One was their Originals ($98), which are lightweight and look more formal (they come in black, brown, navy, grey, khaki, charcoal). The other was a pair of Chinos ($125) that have more stretch and a casual look (they come in gold, blue, stone, khaki, charcoal). Both are wrinkle-resistant and machine washable and have security pockets, which are perfect for traveling. I don’t carry a wallet and sometimes when I wear dress pants, the pockets are too shallow and loose so occasionally, a credit card will slip out either when I’m sitting in my car or on an airplane seat. Fortunately, I’ve learned over time to always double-check my pockets and seat after getting up but with these hidden security pockets, I can rest easy. Not only will they prevent me from losing my money when I sit down but will keep it safe from pickpockets, a legitimate concern, especially when you’re traveling. Bluffworks also sent me one of their dream blazers ($295), which looks and feels like wool but it’s not so it can be worn non-stop, in an airline seat, on a bike, or stuffed in a bag.

I hope you found some great Father’s Day gift ideas and more importantly, I hope you have a fantastic Father’s Day!


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3 Comments On "2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide For Travelers"
  1. Caroll|

    Have you been able to use the Cleland XL Duffel bag as a carry-on, without any problem? The dimensions are larger than the suggested 9x14x22 by airlines in general.

    1. Johnny Jet|

      Hi Caroll

      As long as you don’t fill it 100% there shouldn’t be a problem

  2. Robert Beatty|

    Bags of fries/chips are at 99cents store.

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