Wyndham Midtown 45
Wyndham Midtown 45 on 45th Street in NYC

As you can probably tell from the name, Wyndham Midtown 45 stands mighty tall on 45th Street in New York City, just a few steps away from the glow of Grand Central Station. What the name doesn’t tell you, though, is just how carefully thought-out this cozy, contemporary space is. With rooms available to both Wyndham Destinations members (see #10 below) and all others on a pay-per-night basis (~$300/night), the property is focused on offering traveler flexibility, which it delivers in spades.

Here are 10 reasons to consider Wyndham Midtown 45 for your next city break as inspired by my own hosted stay:

Guestroom at Wyndham Midtown 45
Guestroom at Wyndham Midtown 45

1. Spacious guestrooms

With up to 760 square feet of space to make your own, each guestroom at the Midtown 45 feels luxuriously large considering the tight-knit nature of Manhattan. The rooms act as self-contained pods that you can plug your own possessions into.

There’s space enough for a King-size bed, an excess of storage areas, and a kitchen-living area that could easily entertain groups of four to six without fuss or exertion. The bedroom cupboards can house even the largest of carry cases, making the storage closet in the main living area a bonus. Perhaps the only space in which you have to carefully maneuver so as not to bump yourself is the bathroom, which is more conservative in size.

2. Multi-functionality

This spaciousness lends itself to the next point: the many ways in which the Midtown 45 setting can serve you and your travels. Whether you’re on business and need to make the pad your hub for a week, or you’re a small family of sightseers intending only to spend a fraction of the day indoors, the space caters to a variety of functions seamlessly.

With a modern cooking hob, plentiful desk (or play) space, and a grand total of three televisions dotted throughout, the living area is amenable to all kinds of travelers—namely those who value comfort and easy living.

The Chrysler Building, seen from my room
The Chrysler Building, seen from my room

3. Chrysler-studded views

As I headed up to the 32nd of the building’s 33 floors, another guest hinted at the views that waited at the top: of the Hudson, UN Headquarters and a close-up of the Chrysler, depending on which side of the building you book. It’s this landscape that gets you energized about where you’re staying, that makes you want to put on some Joe Walsh or Jay-Z classics and lap up the surrounding city. And perhaps shamelessly try your luck at a window-selfie with the Chrysler.

Apples in the reception area
Apples in the reception area

4. Thoughtful touches

Given the apartment-style layout and styling of its suites, the Midtown 45 boasts certain advantages over nearby hotels and guesthouses, namely use by guests of private kitchens and flexible living space. These amenities are likely the pull-factors that appeal travelers seeking the independent feel of an apartment combined with the accommodating services of a hotel—the best of both worlds, then. It’s only once you get to the Midtown 45, though, that you can appreciate the thoughtful extras you would miss elsewhere.

For example, the big basket of apples adorning reception may just be the reddest, most beautiful display of fruit I’ve ever come across, as well as the sweetest pun (it took me a lifetime to connect “big apples” with “Big Apple” but I got there in the end). Then, in your suite, you’ll find a cookware set so extensive that it includes an ice-cream scoop, bags of popcorn treats, and generous servings of tea and coffee. In short, it’s far from basic.

5. A centralized, Midtown location

In less than 20 minutes, you can get to Times Square, Convene, the Empire State Building, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), and a plethora of steakhouses and Irish pubs on foot. At this location, you’re close enough to the fracas of Manhattan while not being so exposed that you hear the hustle and bustle of streets and taxi horns from your bed. Unless your heart is sold on being Downtown or in a neighboring borough like Brooklyn, the Midtown 45 is conveniently placed.

6. An available, attentive staff

In one of the most densely staffed reception areas I’ve come across in recent times, Wyndham Midtown 45’s concierge team was dutiful, knowledgeable and entirely non-intrusive. The environment that’s been established here is one where you never need to ask, whether that’s about Wi-Fi logins, laundry services, restaurant suggestions, or bag storage upon checkout. While not quite telepathic, the staff in my experience was as close as I could have hoped for to preempting what I needed, and I was made to feel that the stellar customer service came from a genuine care for patrons (as opposed to some business-driven need to upsell or secure repeat customers).

Thoughtful design abounds
Thoughtful design abounds

7. Boutique style

Suites are minimalist in a clean way. The décor doesn’t scream or blind; it simply stands as a backdrop to your stay. With limestone bathroom tiling and mocha-colored coffee tables, the guestrooms are appealing, but it’s the main entrance and the rooftop space that provide most of the interior eye-candy. A series of Art Deco line paintings connect the two lobby entrances, and up on the roof, well-tended shrubs and candles make the member area feel pretty homely.

8. Fresh gym space

Open 24 hours a day, the fitness center is compact and clean, with TV-embedded treadmills, two-steppers, and multiple options for weight work including exercise balls of every size. Cold refrigerated towels once again add a special touch.

The NYC skyline
The NYC skyline as seen from the rooftop club

9. The rooftop club

Up on the roof, Wyndham Destinations member activities are hosted daily to promote networking and, importantly, consumption of cheese and wine. This makes for a cordial atmosphere much more conducive to networking and getting to know your neighbors than what you might find at your average hotel.

10. Wyndham Destinations bonuses

In addition to offering rooms on a per-night basis in the style of most hotels, the property is part of the Wyndham Destinations network, which opens its doors to the hive of members. With membership, each member has access not just to 220 Wyndham resorts (from British Columbia to Florida) but also 4,300 affiliated resorts across 110 countries. This timeshare-like club bucks disappointing trends of the past in which sizable family investments typically saw a return of just one location for one week every year. Instead, it works on flexibility, not fixed bookings.

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For more on Wyndham Midtown 45, visit the property’s page here. For more on Wyndham Destinations membership, visit wyndhamdestinations.com.

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