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Are you looking for a way to see the world while giving back to the local community? Tourism can provide many benefits to a local economy. However, “overtourism” can have a negative effect on local ecosystems and neighborhoods. Now there’s a way you can travel while helping others on the local level in over 170 countries.

Whether you travel to Europe, Africa, Asia, or the Americas, Worldpackers lets you make a positive impact while enjoying travel.

How Worldpackers Works

You can book the following types of trips to volunteer abroad:

  • Work exchange: Trade your skills to pay for accommodations
  • Social impact: Volunteer in NGOs, schools, and social projects
  • Eco impact: Work in eco-villages, farms, permaculture
There is a large variety of volunteer opportunities across the world (Credit: Worldpackers)

You can browse listing by region or country. Each Worldpackers listing shows what’s required of you (i.e. the number of working hours per week or required skills) and what your host offers (i.e, type of lodging, meals, days off each week).

Some opportunities are only available for solo travelers while others are open to couples and friends. Adults of almost any age can apply although certain listings are only open to a specific age group.

Stays can last from only a few days up to several months. You will need to pay for your own transportation and fees for incidental expenses. Your host will usually provide lodging, meals, and other small amenities.

Once you find an opportunity you like, create a verified WorldPackers community member profile. Next, apply for the excursions that interest you to schedule an interview with the host. If you’re a good fit, pack your bags and get ready to see the world a little differently.

An annual Worldpackers subscription costs $49 a year. 

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